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Mumbai consumers granted lower tariffs as APTEL suspends MERC’s tariff schedule

July 14, 2023 2:21 pm

Mumbai consumers granted lower tariffs as APTEL suspends MERC’s tariff schedule

Tata Power’s Mumbai consumers to enjoy cheaper electricity as APTEL suspends MERC’s tariff order.

Tata Power’s 750,000 consumers in Mumbai will receive a significant reduction in tariffs as a result of APTEL’s stay on the MERC tariff schedule. The APTEL has accepted Tata Power’s request to suspend the tariff schedule, and during this interim period, Tata Power will apply the MYT Order 2020 tariff, which is 25-35percentage lower than the previously suggested tariff.

Tata Power has obtained interim relief from the Honorable Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL) as it successfully challenged the revised tariff schedule approved by the Maharashtra State Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC).

This decision benefits Tata Power’s consumers, particularly those in Mumbai, who will now receive cheaper electricity. By seeking the interim stay on the tariff order issued by MERC on March 30, 2023, Tata Power aimed to ensure fairness and affordability for its customers, considering its competitive average cost of supply. As a result, Tata Power can pass on the relief to its 750,000 consumers in Mumbai.


Sanjay Banga, President, Transmission and Distribution, at Tata Power, said, “This interim stay is a testament to Tata Power’s dedication to delivering affordable electricity to the people of Mumbai. It validates our commitment to providing sustainable power at cheaper rates, and our customers will directly reap the benefits of this decision. We will ensure that the relief granted by the Hon’ble APTEL is passed on to our 7.5 lakh consumers, further reinforcing our steadfast commitment to fairness and affordability in all our operations.”

Nilesh Kane, Chief of Mumbai Distribution, Tata Power, said, “With a commitment to excellence, Tata Power has long been recognized for its dedication to providing power at highly competitive rates in Mumbai. Serving over 7.5 lakh customers in the city, the Company’s customer-centric approach remains the cornerstone of its operations. Hon’ble APTEL’s Order represents a pivotal opportunity to strengthen this commitment, ensuring the delivery of quality, affordable, sustainable, and reliable power supply that benefits both customers and the wider community.”

In the interim period, the tariff proposed by the Company to the MERC on March 31, 2020, becomes applicable once again. This tariff is 25-35percentage lower than the existing one and will be for the benefit of the consumers.

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