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Sol-Bright’s Gen.6 transforms solar panel cleaning for renewable energy

October 4, 2023 7:08 pm

Sol-Bright’s Gen.6 transforms solar panel cleaning for renewable energy

Cutting-edge solar panel cleaning robot revolutionises renewable energy maintenance.

Sol-Bright Technology Co. Ltd, the world’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of automatic robotic cleaning systems (ARCS) designed for solar panels, continues to showcase its leadership and innovative prowess with the introduction of its Gen.6 Robot. The Gen.6 ARCS represents Sol-Bright’s latest and most advanced offering, boasting cutting-edge technology and enhanced features compared to its predecessor.

The “Gen-6” stands out with its unique flexible design, gear transmission, and aluminum body, which collectively contribute to an improved obstacle surmounting capability, more efficient transitions, and easier maintenance. This remarkable innovation was unveiled at the Renewable Energy India Expo held at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida. During the launch event, Kumar Shailendra, Country Head of Sol-Bright Technologies India, expressed, “The introduction of the Gen.6 ARCS for solar panel cleaning marks another significant milestone in Sol-Bright Technologies’ journey. It underscores the company’s strength in research and development, technological expertise, and innovative capabilities. The Gen.6 represents a new era in intelligent operations and maintenance (O&M) for solar panels, promoting energy savings for society and accelerating our progress towards a greener planet.”


Inaugurating the Sol-Bright exhibition booth at the expo, Chief Guest Sivaprasad Manikkapurath, Executive Vice President of Solar at ReNew, India’s leading renewable energy company, remarked, “As ReNew expands its solar installation footprint, Sol-Bright has been a valuable partner in meeting the growing demand for innovative cleaning systems, with a heightened focus on water conservation. The launch of the Gen.6 ARCS is yet another testament to Sol-Bright’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and delivering the most innovative products.”

Sol-Bright’s Gen.6 ARCS boasts a lightweight design with a curvilinear body capable of withstanding high winds. It weighs 47 kilograms, with an additional 1.5 kilograms, operates on a 24DC voltage, and features a torsional structure parameter that enables it to twist from zero to forty degrees while in motion. The robot’s brush rotates at a speed of 130 RPM with a variation of 10 RPM, maintaining an operating noise level below 60 decibels and an operating temperature range from -40°C to 70°C. Importantly, the Gen.6 ARCS ensures comprehensive multi-row cleaning with just a single robot, guaranteeing 100 percent coverage of solar panels.

Sol-Bright Technology’s Gen.6 ARCS represents a leap forward in the field of solar panel cleaning automation. Its state-of-the-art features, durability, and commitment to environmental sustainability make it a game-changing solution for the renewable energy industry, aligning perfectly with the global push for cleaner and more efficient energy production.

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