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AGC-4: All in one power control package

In recent times, new technology and increased environmental awareness, combined with the liberalisation of the power sector, have led to a boom in decentralised power production. An increased demand for high quality emergency power plants is another trend, as critical applications like data centres and hospitals demand close to 100 per cent secure, reliable electric supply. The control of decentralised power production and emergency plants orders for highly advanced and specialised technology.

DEIF’s robust and reliable Automatic Genset Controller, AGC-4 features proven technology that is flexible and suitable for a wide variety of complex applications that has a mix of solar, gas, hydro and steam power plants, both for power generation and emergency power supply.

Power management
AGC-4’s power management package enables you to configure your own system from one genset to multiple mains, multiple genset up to 992 genset in the same application. The complete power management system can easily be monitored from the PC utility software through a graphical supervision page. Running status, hours in operation, breaker status, condition of mains and busbars and fuel consumption are just some of the values that are presented.

Multi-master system and internal redundant communication between the controllers make it safe for operation with master backup. Every DG can be the commanding unit.Basic functions under power management include load-dependent start/stop operation, priority selection of genset, priority selection of mains (ID to Run), load management, multi-start DG control, ground relay, heavy consumer control, non-essential load trip, and quick setup.

Extendable multiple displays
Up to 3 displays can be connected over the CANbus to one controller to replicate the parameter values. These display units can be placed 30 metres away from the controller unit, example one display unit can be mounted on the controller unit near the genset in the machine room, one in the switchboard room and the third in plant control room, all connected over the CAN line.

Each AOP has 16 tricolour configurable LEDs and 8 configurable push-buttons. All LEDs can be configured for both alarm and function indication via the PC software. AOPs make it possible to optimise the panel perfectly for the exact application for lamp indications relevant to the operator, reducing panel size, save wiring, and ease troubleshooting.

The number of components on your switchboard or panel can be reduced as AGC-4 has all protections functions and measurements can be viewed on the display, with synchronisation and load sharing includedenabling easy overview and operator-friendliness; while saving additional cost of meters.

Modular controller
AGC-4 controller is a modular controller wherein it is possible to reconfigure the options to suit the last minute changes in the application giving you the much needed flexibility in hardware and software. While in service, it is also possible to replace only a faulty card by sending it to DEIF’s repair centre without scraping the entire product. This proves to be economical as the service and replacement of card cost can range up to 30 per cent of the unit cost, depending on the fault.

Fuel optimisation
DEIF’s controllers are designed to run optimum combination of genset thus reducing fuel consumption, cutting emissions and operating cost, and increasing efficiency of backup genset power making it greener with fast ROI.

Fast energy backup
AGC-4 controllers are capable of synchronous starting of multiple genset using Close Before Excitation and can deliver record start-up from an impressive less than ten seconds for multiple genset in parallel, redundant control systems, or even an entire redundant power plant. Switching over the load of whole plant quickly to backup genset is made efficient using digital voltage control.

Scalable system
Aiding your future growth and expansion plans, DEIF’s controller system is fully scalable, multi-master system of up to 992 genset with plant management option in one application, without making major modifications in the existing project. When building an application, the AGC-4 allows changing from island mode i.e. a single genset into a multi-purpose application.

Easy installation
The AGC-4 controller is base mounted which implies that all the cabling is done at the back, inside the panel which diminishes the load of cables on the panel door.The display can be mounted on the switchboard/panel front or directly on the top of base unit thus saving space.

DEIF has a team that has strong technical know-how in the areas the company operates and a support system at service 24/7. DEIF India has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chennai and a repair centre in Mumbai to analyse, identify, and rectify defective controllers.

For more information, write at india@deif.com or contact DEIF India Pvt Ltd on (+91) 22 4245 2000.

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