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Evolve CCMS controller, device that automates entire process leading to significant energy savings. Controls through Gateway and Web application mode facilitate remote access using GPRS technology. Evolve controller is a comprehensive system suitable to control, monitor and create reports on important parameters of all kinds of lighting products including LED and heavy power tools like motors and pumps. Fully programmable and controlled via user friendly web application.
Gateway Controller
• Micro controller based Gateway interacts with other major components ­ Contactor, Energy Meter and GPRS/GSM modem.
• Gateway placed at the switching node/point.
• BIS Certified 3-Phase or 1-Phase Energy Meter works on Modbus RTU protocol.
• Delivered Meter data to Microcontroller at pre-configured intervals.
• Bidirectional communication with Web Application via GPRS modem.
• Commands from the Web Application or via SMS to turn on/off.
• Equipped with Short-circuit, over voltage, surge protection.
• Generates alerts for various fault conditions with real-time slots.
• Individual Phase controlled for 3-Phase Units.
Web application Controller
• Cloud server based web application.
• Compatible with both 3-Phase and 1-Phase systems.
• Sends commands to the gateway to control.
• Store parameters such as power consumption through cloud server application.
• Dashboard display of stored data.
• Turns on/off as per scheduled time.
• Controlled as individuals, groups or by sites.
• Energy savings through dimming.
• 24/7 monitoring, Control and Programming.
• Secure web site access control.
• Archived post 2 years data.
• Generates energy consumption, savings and on-hours reports (daily/weekly/monthly).
• Reports exported in CSV format for analysis.

Sarojkanta Nanda
Manager – Product & Development (Marketing)
Venture Lighting India Ltd
A30, D5, Phase II, Zone B, MEPZ-SEZ, Tambaram, Chennai 600 045
Tele: +91-44-22629777 Ext 6200
Email: saroj@vlindia.com

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