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Critical power solutions for data centres

Modern organisations depend on reliable access to data. They increasingly expect their data to be available from any location across a wide range of devices. Access needs to be fast, reliable, and secure. Meeting these needs has led to tremendous growth of data centres. Data centre growth is driven by increasing requirements from banking, financial sector & insurance, IT & ITES, telecom and social media. Aggressive government policies such as National Informatics Centre (NIC), State Wide Area Network (SWAN), Common Service Centre (CSC) and State Data Centre (SDC) have been implemented to increase the digitalisation of records which have also aided to the data centre growth.

Managing a data centre can be a significant challenge, as it needs to have high availability, extremely secure, scalable, and connected to great communications infrastructure. Infrastructure that would support future expansion for at least over a decade without major modifications is preferred. Availability of reliable power is the biggest challenge for data centre growth. Demand for continuous power supply and energy efficient products to manage the operating costs is high. Power outages force data centres to look for alternate power sources, where diesel genset are the most favoured option for in-house power generation. On the other hand, downtime results in lost revenue and poor customer satisfaction. Hence, a data centre with higher availability is always a favoured destination for clients to have their servers.

Sufficing your requirements
DEIF specialises in developing emergency, standby and backup power solutions for both, captive and colocation data centres. DEIF has a strong track record in developing emergency, standby and backup power solutions for mission-critical facilities such as data centres.

DEIF’s Automatic Genset Controller, AGC-4 features proven technology for a wide range of generation systems in critical power applications. Deploying DEIF’s solution for your mission critical facilities will give you the crucial business edge over your competitors and benefit you in numerous ways to elevate your data centre to Tier-4 level by reducing your maximum annual downtime.

Increased reliability and flexibility
Normally N+1 systems are used in data centres to have reserve genset. We further add to the reliability of system by providing a redundant controller so that your backup genset power has no single point of failure. In DEIF’s redundant control system, two controllers operate on ‘hot Ssandby’ mode, with one as active controller while the other acts as a standby controller. The standby controller is connected to the active controller through CAN bus and remains updated with the latest events and information at all times. In case of any unexpected fault in the active controller, the standby controller assumes control without any load or speed jumps during transition, thus, ensuring continuous flow of power.

Fast energy backup
AGC-4 controllers are capable of synchronous starting of multiple genset using ‘close before excitation’ and can deliver record start-up from an impressive less than ten seconds for multiple genset in parallel, redundant control systems, or even an entire redundant power plant. Switching over the load of whole data centre quickly to backup genset is made efficient using digital voltage control. Communication between DEIF’s Digital AVR and genset controllers facilitates the enhanced performance. The Digital AVR also delivers superior step load performance leading to lesser requirement of reserve power and hence less number of online genset for a given load.

Fuel optimisation
DEIF’s controllers are designed to run optimum combination of genset, thus, reducing fuel consumption, cutting emissions and operating cost, and increasing efficiency of your backup genset power making it greener with fast ROI.

Remote monitoring
DEIF’s Advanced Graphical Interface – AGI 400 series, allows the user to view the entire system on a single screen, thus, facilitating convenient and effective monitoring and control of all systems or any other third party systems and critical parameters simultaneously; over one centralised IP based network from a remote location at the touch of the graphical user interface.

Aiding your future growth and expansion plans, DEIF’s controller system is fully scalable multi-master system of up to 992 genset with plant management option in one application without making major modifications in the existing project.

Quick Service
DEIF has a classic team that has strong technical know-how in the areas we operate and a support system at your service which is nearer to you so as to solve the toughest challenges that you may face. DEIF India has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and a repair centre for fault identification, rectification & testing in Mumbai. Choosing DEIF means reliable and fast on-site service & support. DEIF solutions enable you to fulfil the demand of end users and serve your clients better. With these solutions, DEIF not only meets the data centre requirements, but also exceed the expectations of our customers.

For more information,
E-mail: india@deif.com
Tel: 022-4245 2000.

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