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Dynamic power analyser for electrical motors and drive systems

Today‘s requirements regarding the efficiency and dynamics of electrical motors and electric drive trains require precise, highly dynamic measurement of currents and voltages as well as online efficiency, determination and calculation of power parameters. Especially, during the development of electrical components, motors, drive trains or complete vehicles, raw data must be stored for further analyses of the power parameters. Cost constraints, limited resources and innovative companies emerging as new competitors in the OEM market increase the pressure on decision-makers and users.

DEWETRON power analyser
Battery powered vehicles are becoming more and more common on our roads and in our lives. DEWETRON is said to be your competent partner to analyse, test and verify e-bikes, e-scooters and other electric vehicles during real drive tests. DEWETRON differentiates itself in the market with vast knowledge and expertise in vehicle testing solutions.

Since its inception, Kyoritsu India has been offering manufacturers unparalleled vehicle data measuring capabilities with competitive advantages. The company’s state-of-the-art system reduce the number of devices required for collecting information. The company’s DEWE2-PA7 mixed signal power analyser is a turnkey solution for analysing polyphase electric vehicle and engine behavior with a single system and guaranteed accuracy of 0.01 per cent. It is said to be the only power analyser in the market right now with a capability to calculate power parameters, up to seven phase per power group.


  • Portable and flexible battery powered power analyzer
  • Precision and synchronous calculation of several power groups
  • Determination of efficiency and losses during real drive and charging
  • Recording of dynamic processes
  • Synchronous sampling up to 10 MS/S/ch
  • High-speed isolated amplifiers
  • Additional data: pressure, temperature, vibration, strain, CAN-bus data and GPS

For more details, contact:
Power Division
Kyoritsu KEW India Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
e-mail: info.epr@kew-india.co.in

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