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Fast Electrode launches Tercel ESE lightning arrestor and earth enhancing compound

Fast Electrode Tercel ESE lightning arrestor

Advanced Early Streamer Emission Type of LA covers a radius of 110 meter for level 3 protection. When mounted at a height of 5 meter above terrace floor level and having a triggering time of 63 microseconds, lightning air terminal is a totally autonomous device. It is designed to work on +ve and -ve charged cloud conditions. The internal triggering circuitry & electronics have ambient electric field sensor, charge accumulator, command & HV amplifier, transformer and triggering release. It is designed as per NFC 17-102 & IEC 60-1:1989. The ESE terminal is typed tested by CPRI (Central Power Research Institute, Govt of India) for the impulse current of 40 kA (8/20 micro sec) with 5 +ve & 5 -ve impulse with current capacity = 200 KA (10/35µs), capacity against wind speed = 40 m/s, lower diameter of ESE terminal being 30.5 cm, and weight of 4 kg. The ESE lightning arrestor is tested in MSME Development Institute, Mumbai Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India. The make being Fast Electrode Tercel Model No-. TZ-63.

Fast Electrode earthing
Fast Electrode chemical earthing of dual pipe technology of 3 m long is with an outer pipe diameter of 88 mm & inner pipe diameter 48 mm, pipes’ material made of galvanised iron with a wall thickness of 2.6 mm for the inner pipe and 1.8 mm for the outer pipe. There is a terminal for connection of 75 X 6 mm with two holes of 14 mm diameter. The electrode is dully filled with the highly conductive material with a sealing at both the ends.

The electrode is duly tested and certified by CPRI, Govt. Of India, for a minimum short circuit current of 42 kArms for 1 second with initial pick of 88.2 kA. The electrode is approved by the PWD-MH and MSEDCL infra. The electrode is tested in MSME, Govt. of India.

The Earth enhancing compound is tested & certified by NABL accredited lab with reference to protocol IS 1350 & IEC62321/111/54/CDV. The pH value of compound is between 7 to 8 (i.e. basic in nature).

The content of mercury (Hg) & Hexachromium is below detection level. (i.e. non-toxic compound). The electrode is type tested for salt spray test as per BIS 117-09 for corrosion for minimum 500 hrs.

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