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Fluidwell launches N413 Batch Controller

Fluidwell has launched the new N413 Batch Controller with receipt printing functionality. This is very useful for situations where you need a locally printed ticket as evidence of the delivered quantity such as tank and truck (un)loading applications.

End-of-batch tickets and reprints can easily be printed automatically or on demand. Even in an unexpected event of an uncompleted batch, it is possible to print a ticket.

Powerful and user-friendly
The N413 is a versatile and powerful batch controller, with a printer output, 2 field replaceable, heavy duty relays and three configurable transistor outputs. Relay 1 is fixed as main batch control output. Relay 2 and the transistor outputs can be configured as pump control with time delays, 2-stage batch control, alarm or pulse outputs. This makes the N413 a powerful and versatile batch or delivery controller.

The combination of the user-friendly numerical keypad with the compact, clear display, make this N413 very attractive to our customers. The crystal clear LCD display, provides multiple batch control data simultaneously at a glance, including a graphical indication of the vessel, the batch process and the relay status. The bright back light is standard available, ensuring perfect readings in all lighting conditions.

Save time, hassle and cost
Fluidwell users all around the world appreciate the simple, intuitive menu structure of the various product series. It saves significant time and cost in installation and programming. It is really easy to start, stop, pause or terminate a batch or set a new preset value, especially with the numerical keypad. Those familiar with
a Fluidwell product, can therefore, also program and install the N413 without the use of a manual or hiring technical experts.

Fluidwell designs and manufactures a wide range of flow computers, indicators, totalizers, transmitters, monitors and controllers.

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