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Fronius Wattpilot: empowering sustainable electric mobility

June 30, 2023 12:38 pm

Fronius Wattpilot: empowering sustainable electric mobility

Fronius Wattpilot is a game-changing intelligent charging station empowering sustainable electric mobility with enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

The intelligent charging station from Fronius, known as the Fronius Wattpilot, offers many advanced features. It boasts load management, greater flexibility, a higher IP rating, and increased sustainability. It is specifically designed to be mobile.

Fronius firmly believes in constant improvement, actively working to enhance its products and solutions every day of the week. The Fronius Wattpilot serves as the latest example of their commitment. The recent software updates bring a wide range of benefits for both installers and PV system owners. Martin Hackl, the Global Director of Marketing and Sales Business Unit Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH, explains, “We continuously strive to create value and improve our products. Wattpilot exemplifies this approach. In line with our sustainability strategy, we utilise components from Europe to minimise lengthy transportation routes.”

Fronius Wattpilot: Designed for mobility

For obvious reasons, several companies are transitioning their vehicle/fleets to electric cars. Electric mobility is more sustainable than fossil fuels and brings financial advantages. Driving an electric car is more cost-effective, and the Wattpilot charging station further optimises these costs through flexible charging. Wattpilot offers the convenience of charging electric vehicles at residential and commercial premises. Further, you can also charge your vehicle while on the go.

New features of the Fronius Wattpilot 

The Wattpilot is now displayed on FroniusSolar.web. This provides users with a consistent visualisation and allows for troubleshooting directly within the free monitoring tool. Additionally, the Wattpilot has a refreshed appearance, with its modern housing offering an improved IP rating of IP55. Moreover, the WLAN range has been enhanced, providing greater flexibility at the installation site.

One notable addition is the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol), which provides a standardised interface for managing charging stations. This enables the creation of charging reports and facilitates load management.

According to V. V. Kamath, the Managing Director of Fronius India, “With Fronius Wattpilot, you can charge your vehicle using solar power or the grid, at home or on the move. It offers automatic, sustainable, and secure features such as intelligent charging modes, RFID authentication, dynamic load balancing, remote monitoring, and an anti-theft function. This makes the Fronius Wattpilot the perfect charger for your electric vehicle.”


Energy-optimised charging

By the end of the year, the dynamic load balancing feature will be available for all Wattpilot charging stations. Typically, electric vehicles are charged at high power, which often surpasses the maximum connected load of the household when multiple vehicles are connected simultaneously. Dynamic Load Balancing ensures optimal power distribution, enabling reliable charging without the need for extensive and expensive connection infrastructure. Up to three electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously in an energy-optimised manner using Dynamic Load Balancing. The required energy is dynamically distributed and controlled among the charging vehicles. The Wattpilot can detect when the connected household load is exceeded and prioritise the loads within the house.

PV and e-mobility are the perfect combinations.

Combining e-mobility with a photovoltaic system makes perfect sense. The most cost-effective way to charge electric vehicles is using self-generated solar power. Furthermore, using green electricity significantly improves the life cycle analysis. 

For more details, 

Fronius India Private Limited

Mr. Sridhar Bhamidipati – +91 7391095767/ 18002679967
Sales.India@fronius.com / Marketing.India@fronius.com
Address: Plot No.: BG 71/2/B, Pimpri Industrial Area, MIDC Bhosari, Pune – 411026, Maharashtra, INDIA.


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