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GIIPL reinforces CSR through RE projects in rural India

Economic growth and expansion of energy consumption have been found having a strong correlation between them and generally the key to economic development is the energy sector. The quality of life has been transformed by the industrialized sectors in the last few centuries just by exploiting the non-renewable fossil energy sources. However, 25 per cent (45 million) of rural households across the country still have no electricity. Depletion and decreasing quality of fossil fuel reserves is found to be an important reason for switching to renewable energy systems worldwide. Substitution of fossil fuel usage with the renewable energy systems will help the existing fossil fuel reserves to deplete less rapidly and exhaust in a farther time in the future.

Green India Initiative Pvt. Ltd. provides its expertise for implementation of clean energy resources. It works with like-minded people who strive for the betterment and well-being of India as well as its environment. As a bright and green tomorrow awaits us, it is our responsibility and opportunity to join hands and earn from the abundance energy of Sun and create a success story for India. GIIPL deals with unique products in the field of renewable energy which can help and change the human lifestyle miraculously.

Corporate social responsibility, under which many of the corporates, organisations, donors etc. are willing to contribute towards the rural development through renewable energy as much of India’s population resides in the rural villages. Rural development should be supported and taken into consideration. Green India Initiative Pvt. Ltd. lends a hand to them by suggesting, executing and commissioning a whole rural development project with proper productivity report for the organisation all over Maharashtra.

GIIPL have expertise in supply, installation and commissioning of solar photo voltaic roof top system, independent solar street lights, solar dual pump systems, solar home lighting systems for residential complexes, private bungalows, co-op hsg. societies and educational institutes etc. We help people to produce their own electricity with one-time investment, save on the other utility bills, enjoy the return on investment and further avail free electricity in the future.

Village identification, survey, reporting, classifying the needs, building rapport with the people in the village, executing the ground level work, installing the proper system in the villages are executed by the Green India Initiative Pvt. Ltd. for the CSR projects in the rural villages. Solar water pump systems are provided for safe water, solar home lighting systems to light up individual houses in the villages, and solar cooker in the schools to cook healthy mid-day meals for rural students.

Green India Initiative Pvt. Ltd. has executed 20 such projects in rural villages in Maharashtra benefitting around 10,000+ villagers with variety of solutions as per their need.

As Philip Kotler says “A good company offers excellent products and services but also strives to make the world a better place.” It inspires us to work for the social causes and development by contributing for the world.

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