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Gravin delivers safe, cost effective & durable earth electrodes

Gravin Earthing & Lightning Protection System (Pvt) Ltd was established in the year 2014. The company has past 14 years experiences in the field of earthing and lightning protection system. M. Gunasekaran, (B.E) Electrical Engineer, is the Technical Director of the company. He is assisted by electrical engineers and supporting staff.

As electrical engineers, the company executed electrical earthing and lightning protection system works initially at Tamil Nadu. Since then there has been no looking back. With the knowledge and expertise gained over the years, Gravin is now one of the leading electrical safety engineers in South India. It has branch offices at Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh.

Gravin manufactures and markets safe, cost effective, maintenance free and long life, CPRI tested earth electrodes under the brand name Gravin Earthing to match the earthing needs of various electrical and electronic installations in the electrical power and circuits.

The company has been the authorised early streamer emission lightning protection and surge protection systems. This product protects the buildings and structures from lightning strikes and internal connected equipment from surge currents.

These products are safety products. It is very important safety devices to be used in automobile industries, chemical industries, mechanical industries, powerhouses, information technology buildings, solar projects, commercial buildings, signalling stations, telecommunication sector, all major sub-stations, wind mills, etc.

Gravin Earthing Electrode
It is a metal electrode which goes into the ground near the building. It helps in the efficient discharge of all the fault currents or surge currents present in the electrical system. It also helps in dissipating the high voltages which are passed on through the lightning arrestors atop buildings.

Earth Rite Compound
These are earth enhancement compounds which have different properties depending on soil and other atmospheric conditions. Essentially, an ideal BFC has high electrical conductivity, moisture capture and retention abilities and anti-corrosive properties. It works in tandem with the safe earthing electrode. Together both form the efficient earthing system.

Lightning Arrester
It is a metallic device mounted at the highest point of the building to capture lightning strikes and direct it to the earth via a safe path thereby preventing it from flowing through the building’s electrical circuit. In the absence of the lightning arrester a lightning strike could destroy electrical equipment and cause harm to human life through electrocutions.

Surge Protection Device
A Surge Protection Device (SPD) limits the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to the ground any unwanted voltage above a sage threshold. This way, an SPD prevents damages to equipment and saves human life and operational downtime within residential institutional, commercial or industrial infrastructure.

Advantages of Gravin products
• Adequate galvanisation
• Increases life time of the earth electrode
• Installation of earth electrode becomes easy
• Least fluctuation of current
• Capacity to carry high peak current
• Highly conductive and durable and reliable.

• All factories, commercial buildings and residential
• Telecommunication towers and microwave antennas
• Body earthing and neutral earthing
• Data processing centres
• Lightning protection systems
• Transformers and DG earthing
• Sensitive equipment like computers, UPS, CNC machines
• Oil refineries and pumping stations
• Electrical substations and power plants
• In short, all LV, MV, HV, EHV applications
• Solar installations.

For more details, visit www.gravinearthing.com

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