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Gravin Earthing introduces earthing & lightning protection system Devices

Gravin Earthing &Lightning Protection system (P) Ltd, an expert in the field of earthing and lightning protection system, was established in the year 2014.

Driven by M.Gunasekaran, the Technical Director of the company, Gravin has emerged as one of the leading electrical safety engineers in South India. Today the company manufactures and markets safe, cost effective, maintenance free and long life, CPRI tested earth electrodes under the brand name Gravin Earthing to match the earthing needs of various Electrical and Electronic installations in the electrical power and circuits.

The company has been the authorised early streamer emission lightning protection and surge protection systems. This product protects the buildings and structures from lightning strikes and internal connected equipment from surge currents.

Gravin Earthing has recently introduced Gravin Earth Electrode to safe guard the sensitive equipment, electrical equipment, telecom equipment, transmission equipment, solar transmission and distribution lines and general electrical body earthing from fault current and lightning current. It dissipates the fault current and lightning current smoothly.

Active lightning protection system is the most preferred method to protect against direct lightning strikes. It is a pre-emptive structural lightning protection system which sends out strong upward streamers to intercept the downward lightning leader much before any other objects on the earth and protects the structure under its cover form imminent lightning strike. It protects the structural and human safety

A Surge Protection Device (SPD) limits the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to the ground any unwanted voltage above a sage threshold. This way, an SPD prevents damages to equipment and saves human life and operational downtime within residential Institutional/commercial/ industrial infrastructure.


  • All factories, commercial and residential buildings
  • Telecommunication towers and microwave antennas
  • Body earthing and neutral earthing
  • Data processing centers
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Transformers and DG earthing
  • Sensitive equipment Like computers, UPS, CNC machines
  • Oil refineries and pumping stations
  • Electrical substations and power plants
  • In short all LV, MV, HV, EHV applications.


M. Gunasekaran, Technical Director
Gravin Earthing &Lightning Protection
system (P) Ltd

Mobile: +91-98408 21468
Tele: +91-44-49523000

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