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Green DEIF World: Words supported with actions

Climate change effects world over have resulted in transition of focus from using black to green energy solutions. Not only so, people also want to introduce a mix of green in their existing portfolio with multiple green energy sources.

Central to its vision is to be the preferred global supplier of green, safe and reliable energy control solutions, DEIF is committed to actively engaging in and supporting sustainable environmental policy by developing and supplying cleantech products and intelligent power management. Reflecting the accelerating switch of the worldwide energy system towards more renewable and sustainable energy practices, DEIF’s progressive strategies and product development focus intensely on wind power, hybrid solar, hydropower and biogas.

Extracting more out of the Sun
DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Controller (ASC) is a solution that provides integrated solution for systems with utility, diesel and solar power source. The system provides an interface between the diesel or gas genset and solar, with or without presence of utility power – a solution that enables to share the load between solar PV cell and diesel or gas genset with maximum solar penetration, thus resulting in maximised savings even during utility failure. Using solar for the additional period of the year can make that period also further green and help maximise the project’s overall return on investment. DEIF’s solar solution will thus prove to be a boon to India’s evolving solar sector.

Capturing the wind
In DEIF’s Wind Power Technology division every product sold claims to be contributing to a greener world. The control systems of DEIF wind power technology are constantly subject to optimisation of the energy generated by the wind turbines.

Flexible and reliable control solutions being its strength, DEIF delivers everything from complete turnkey solutions to individual components.

DEIF continuously strives to improve the performance of the wind turbines and makes necessary upgrades to the application and embedded software. A customer also benefit by receiving free software updates in future as well.

DEIF’s wind turbine control systems are not only suitable for new installations but also can be used for retrofitting existing wind turbines to give numerous key benefits.

Harnessing hydro power
Hydroelectric power plants are installed to capture energy from the flowing water and turned into electricity. Delomatic 4 (DM-4) Hydro-controlled plants offer fully automated control for stable optimised operation and require less maintenance and fewer man hours. Compatible with all types of turbines, the Delomatic 4 Hydro is flexible and easy to adapt with simple parameter settings. Critical functions such as speed governing, generator protections and synchronising are fully integrated with password-protected features for maximum security.

The advantages to DEIF’s Delomatic solution go beyond savings, wiring, construction, engineering and maintenance. It is also a flexible solution equally suited for new installations and retrofits, designed to control hydro turbine generators ranging from 2 kW to 20 MW along with its auxiliary equipment.

Making the most out of waste gas
Regardless if the gas is bio, natural, landfill or other, DEIF’s control solutions enable to convert it into energy. Irrespective of size of the application, type and make of a gas engine or turbine, DEIF’s standard controllers are extremely flexible and accommodate most of the customer needs. DEIF is also capable of developing completely unique solutions designed exclusively for a specific application. The company’s product DM 400 Gas is suitable for total engine control and protection whereas Automatic Genset Controller – AGC-4 Gas is suitable for power management and CHP applications.

Transforming black to green
Equipped with features and functionalities such as fuel optimisation, load dependent start/stop, a synchronous load sharing, DEIF’s Automatic Genset Controller – AGC-4 is a comprehensive and flexible power management and protection unit in the diesel segment. DEIF claims that the innovative solution gives customers a critical market advantage that ultimately helps produce more green power at the lowest possible cost.

Internally green
DEIF A/S is ISO 14001:2004 certified for Environmental Management Systems. DEIF A/S also has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance with the environmental scope as: “The environmental aspects in relation to the processes, facilities and buildings for administration, development and manufacturing of control & instrumentation products.”

The green focus at DEIF is not only related to product solutions but also to its internal processes. Internally, the company focuses on carbon-neutral heating and cooling; the DEIF Group’s headquarters in Skive, Denmark, features advanced green energy system includes a carbon neutral Aqua Thermal Storage System: storing ground water at constant temperatures in underground wells, the system heats and cools the buildings and has an indefinite lifespan.

DEIF’s CHP plant cuts emissions – a micro CHP plant generating power for the company’s buildings, equipped with DEIF controllers, helps keep them CO2 emissions low.

DEIF A/S is part of the CO2 neutral website initiative. The carbon emissions from both the website and the users of the site are offset through the building of new renewable energy sources, various CO2 reducing projects, and through purchasing certified CO2 offsets cleared by relevant government institutions and bodies.
The DEIF website is hosted on Hostnordics servers. As part of Hostnordics green IT strategy to minimise power consumption to take pressure off the environment.

DEIF’s printed marketing materials are carbon compensated according to ClimateCalc (Cert. no. CC-000033/DK). The paper used for printing is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) implying that the paper comes from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. The printed matter also carries NORDIC ECOLABEL stamp that evaluates a product’s impact on the environment throughout the whole life cycle.

For more information, contact DEIF at +91-22-4245 2000 or india@deif.in

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