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High-quality power conditioning solutions by Nishan Power Converters

January 4, 2023 12:06 pm

High-quality power conditioning solutions by Nishan Power Converters

Nishan Power Converters is a certified company started in 1990 as a manufacturer and retailersupplier of high-quality power conditioning products like inverters and UPS systems. Today thecompany offers complete power conditioning solutions under one roof.
Ultrafast voltage correcting Quikorrect AC voltage stabilisers
Input voltage fluctuation or transients generated by loads connected to the same utility power grid lines can never be predictable. Such fluctuations are a major cause of premature equipment failures in the industry today. A fast-correcting electronically operated voltage stabiliser can be a solution.
Voltage fluctuations are not adequately factored in while planning power protection in a project. This inadequateness can result in premature equipment damage. Damaged equipment effects have a direct impact on profits and productivity. Connecting an ultrafast Quikorrect static voltage stabiliser is your one-stop solution to stop sudden voltage fluctuations.
Below mentioned are some of their key highlights:

Key Highlights IGBDSPiC-based technology.
Ultrafast voltage correction.
1 percent tightest regulation.
20,000 v/s correction speed, the best in its class.
Auto bypass. (No need to reset manually). No, wear and tear like a servo or relay-based stabilisers.
Smooth voltage regulation.
Ideal for sensitive loads. Maintenance-free, long life. Output Short circuit protected.
Range from 2 KVA to 200 KVA

The voltage stabiliser is ideally used for automation process equipment, medical sonography units, CT-MRI scanning unit, UPS system protection, CNC machines, security systems, scanning X-ray systems (at railway stations and airports), escalators, lifts and elevators in buildings, digital printing machines, computer IT centers, grid-tie solar PV systems and UPS bypass.
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Powerslick Online UPS Systems for clean power


Some of the key features of these UPS systems are: Features Application ·         Advanced DsPIC-based design.
·         IGBT switched inverter technology.
·         True online dual conversion topology.
·         Suitable for the unbalanced load.
·         Intelligent communication with RS484.
·         High instantaneous load-carrying capacity.
·         Customisable design to suit wide connected loads. ·         Automation process equipment.
·         Medical Sonography unit.
·         CT-MRI scanning unit.
·         CNC machines.
·         Security Systems.
·         Scanning X-ray systems (at railway stations
·         and airports),
·         Escalators, Lift, and elevators in buildings.
·         Digital printing machines.
·         Computer IT centers.

Nishan Energies Pvt Ltd, renewable power and energy-saving solution is a division of Nishan Power Converters with an aim to provide specialized requirements to its customers.
For more details, contact:
Website: www.nishanenergies.in
E: info@nishan.in

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