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How to select Earthing System

Lightning strike carries thousands of amperes current and enough charge to damage any structure, electrical or electronic equipment. Lightning if strikes on any unprotected structure then may lead to irreparable loss of production due to its downtime, fire hazards, human loss, etc, and further loss occurs in its replacement time and maintenance.

SABO in association with LIVA have developed advanced ESE lightning conductors in accordance of NFC 17-102 for safeguarding everything from lightning strikes within the radius of protection of up to 188m.

Following tests should be verified or conducted before purchasing ESE lightning rods:

  • Physical test for dimensions: Topmost length of lightning rod to tip should be more than 16mm dia. Model No., manufacturer name, Standard NFC 17-102 to be embossed on each rod. Connection to down conductor should be directly from lightning rod.
  • Should be of stainless steel material and have environmental test report, humid Suplhur and temperature withstanding report of (-)40 to (+)120 C.
    CE marked and certified and carries 30-year warranty.
    Have test report for short circuit test of 100KA or more as per NFC 17-102 – It indicates in what places or conditions lightning rod will work.
    Have test report for Advance triggering time as per NFC 17-102 – It signifies difference between conventional lightning rod and ESE rod.
    Testable from external tester for internal configuration and magnetic probe test – It tests whether ion generator inside is active and lightning rod supplied is actual ESE type or normal conventional type in ESE design.

Earthing design should be done in accordance with IS:3043 considering:

  • Fault current and its duration required to be dissipated.
  • Desired earth resistance value

SABO has developed maintenance free type Earthing which provides uniform earth resistance value throughout the year and life of Earthing increases to 25 years without maintenance.

Installation of lightning protection system and Earthing system should be done considering equipotential bonding of all metallic parts and conductors. SABO has recently launched a new readymade Earth Kit for small solar roof top projects up to 10KW or solar pumps, solar street lights, etc.

For more details, contact sabo.lucknow@gmail.com

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