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Hybrid Microgrids are the future of power generation

November 30, 2022 6:29 pm

Hybrid Microgrids are the future of  power generation

Traditionally, electricity is generated from a central source and distributed via transmission lines to consumers. This electricity is usually fuelled by coal, gas, or nuclear sources. There are  also  locations where the traditional power network is unusable or doesn’t exist, such as on islands or in remote communities. Users are looking for alternatives that can provide reliability, stability, and lower costs. Users are also looking for solutions that can provide power in a more  environmentally sustainable way than other fossil fuel-powered plants. Hybrid microgrids can be any combination of solar, wind, batteries,  gen-sets or another power source. With hybrid systems, two goals are always crucial: saving fuel and maintaining the system’s reliability. ComAp Controllers  and maximise the amount of energy from renewables while not compromising the system’s stability.
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