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Industrial oil purification unit

AR Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial oil purification units for all types of oils used in industries today.

All oils used in the industry such as hydraulic oils, quenching oils, pyrolysis oil, fuel oil for oil fired burners are adding to the running cost of industries all over the world. Deterioration of oil leads to wear, damage because of foreign particle contamination as well as moisture contamination which leads to necessity of oil reconditioning. Regular reconditioning reduces the wear and subsequently maintenance downtime. In addition, there is problem of pollution in turn to dump the waste oil as norms are becoming stringent day by day.

AR Engineering offers equipment which are able to recondition oils back to its original form. So that one can reuse it in machineries or for other purposes such as burning and avoid dumping of oils in the nature. It will ensure that maintenance and running cost are reduced as well as problem of dumping of waste oil is solved.

Industrial oil purification units would help provide results at faster rate. So that same machine can be used on shop floor for different oil sumps of different machines.

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