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Kusam-Meco introduces Digital multimeter cum LCR meter model-306 with 13 functions and 43 ranges

Kusam-Meco has introduced an innovative Digital Multimeter cum LCR Meter Model-306. It has 3 ½ digit 1999 counts LCD display. It measures DC voltage ranges from 100µV to 1000V, in 5 ranges i.e 200mV/ 2V/ 20V/ 200V/ 1000VDC voltage basic accuracy ±0.5 per cent.

AC voltage ranges from 100µV to 750V, in 5 ranges i.e 200mV/ 2V/20V/ 200V / 50V. DC/AC current ranges from 10µA to 10A, in 3 ranges i.e 20mA/ 200mA and 10A. Inductance ranges from 1µH to 20H, in 5 ranges i.e 2mH/ 20mH/ 200mH/ 2H /20H. Capacitance ranges from 1pF to 200µF, in 5 ranges i.e 2nF/ 20nF/ 200nF/ 2µF /200µF. Resistance ranges from 0.1O to 2000MO, in 7 ranges i.e 200O/2KO/ 20KO/ 200KO/ 2000KO/ 20MO / 200MO.

Frequency ranges from 1Hz to 15MHz, in 5 ranges i.e 2KHz/ 20KHz/200KHz/ 2000KHz / 15MHz with auto ranging facility. Duty cycle range from 10 per cent to 90 per cent. It has protection class II over voltage. CAT II 1000V and CAT III 600V.

‘Model-306’ has facility to test diode and continuity also. It can measure transistor hFE test. It also indicates low battery and over range indication. It has max hold and auto zero mode facility. It operates on a single standard 9V battery.

The dimensions are 200(H)×90(W)×40(D) mm. weigh only 400gms. Accessories contains test leads, carrying case, user manual, battery and one spare fuse installed.


Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd.
G-17, Bharat Industrial Estate,
T.J. Road, Sewree (W), Mumbai – 400015, Maharashtra.
Tel. : (022) 24181649 / 24124540
Fax : +91-22-24149659
E-mail : kusam_meco@vsnl.net
Website: www.kusamelectrical.com or www.kusam-meco.co.in

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