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MECO offers portable solar power meter

MECO Solar Power Meter is a portable meter used for measuring solar power or solar irradiance. It uses high sensitivity Silicon Photodiode to measure solar power. Solar meter can also detect solar tilt angle with orientation.

This instrument is designed to measure solar power in the range from 400 to 1,100 nanometers. It measures the solar power and transmission up to 2,000 W/m2. Solar power meter has Max / Min / Avg and data hold functions to indentify locations with maximum or minimum power. The good spectral range, orientation and angular detection of meter allow users to conduct the most precise quantitative measurements of solar power radiation.


  • Solar power measurement with orientation and tilt angle
  • Easy measurement for rate of daylight penetration
  • Auto change for measuring range
  • Auto power off with disable function
  • Instantaneous display Ave/Min/Max values
  • 20 points memory
  • Socket of tripod mounting
  • Magnetic mount
  • Backlit LCD and 4 digits triple display.


  • Solar radiation measurements
  • Solar power research for location of the solar panels or solar water heater
  • Physics and optical laboratories
  • Meteorology
  • Agriculture
  • Windows performance – calculation and verification of the heating or heat reduction caused by direct sunlight.


Prashant Thakkar (Manager – Solar Products)
Meco Instruments Pvt Ltd
Tele: +91-22-27673300
Email: bt2@mecoinst.com

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