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MECO offers solar system analyser

The MECO Solar System Analyser is a portable analyser used for testing, monitoring, measuring, analysing and troubleshooting various parameters of Solar System. Analyser draws I-V curve with parameters such as Voc, Isc, Vpm, Ipm with efficiency (%) calculation for solar system. This analyser comes with Remote Solar Detector for measuring and monitoring solar irradiance and temperature. The Analyser and Remote Solar Detector are connected by Bluetooth Wireless technology (Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Class 1).

Solar analyser has Intelligent Test Logic with no personal attendance required. Solar System Analyser waits and tests the system until appropriate sun light Irradiance is detected. The system continuously monitors DC output of Solar System and AC power output of inverter; calculate Efficiency of DC to AC power conversion and maximum output power. The analyser can be used for quality control at production line, warehouse or site of installation, maintenance of solar panels, identify requirement of solar power system, verify best angle of installation and for research and development.
Analyser is supplied with user friendly software for data storing and analysis. Users can store data (.CSV/.TXT) that can be read in MS Excel and print Waveform or Graph via printer. Users can generate test report with testing data and curves of information. This report can be viewed by browser and printed out. Report can be varied according to the selected curve items (OPC, STC, OPC and STC).

Other features
Maximum solar panel power (Pmax) search by Auto-Scan: 1000V and 12A (12\KW capability), memory size 512 KB (3980 Mod, 320 REC, 3980 PWR or 3980 IRR files), Series Resistance of solar panels, with data logging/ Open function the I-V curves of the solar system can be analysed/ recorded for period of time (eg.60 min.), conversion of I-V curve under OPC to data under Standard Test Condition (STC) based upon IEC standard, users can setup series number of solar panels so that parameters of many panels can be measured in single measurement, irradiance and temperature of the solar panels can be continuously measured, monitored and recorded, provide OPC and STC test reports for verification of solar panels performance (OK or NO OK), Large LCD backlight, AC Adaptor and Rechargeable Lithium Battery, I-V curve with cursor to display each data point.

Prashant Thakkar, Manager – Solar Products
Meco Meters Pvt Ltd
Email: prashant.thakkar@mecoinst.com
Mobile: +91-9867266639

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