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TEKON950 Battery Quality Analyser
TEKON950 Battery Quality Analyser is a device for analysing the performance of batteries used as emergency power sources for power, communication, power generation, and computer.

It is possible to measure the battery information (impedance, voltage, current, temperature) under load and to predict the abnormality and replacement timing.

• Battery safety check of the facility management system (cell, pack, module).
• Backup power installation and periodic inspection of various power system.
• ESS, EV, HEV battery pack installation and troubleshooting.
• Internal resistance measurement and fault diagnosis of the secondary battery being charged.
• Maximum test voltage: TEKON950A (200V), TEKON950B (400V).

TEKON560 Power Quality Analyser
TEKON560 power Quality analysers are handheld instruments that accurately measure, diagnose and analyse electrical power characteristics and parameters of power distribution and communication related systems.

The system allows you in the most effective and easiest manner to perform measurement, data storage, analysis and output via the 7-inch wide LCD screen, in addition a function of transferring measurement data to remote locations by using a mobile app.

• Enabling the user to download, view and analyse stored data, and make up reports.
• Displaying how to conduct wiring and measurement on the touch screen.
• 7-inch wide LCD making easier measurements and analyses.
• Providing touch functions in order for the user to search/archive menus via intuitive UI.

For more details, contact Myriad Industrial Solutions LLP at mail@myriadindustrialsolutions.co.in

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