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PD monitoring problems in mv assets

The latest addition to the list of Partial Discharge Monitoring products by TECHIMP- ALTANOVA GROUP (ITALY) is FALCON; an innovation dedicated to the PD monitoring of medium voltage assets.

Keeping in view the requirements of MV assets for PD monitoring, this equipment is an economical solution with almost no maintenance and can be installed in bulk depending on the quantity of the assets to be monitored.

With the patented T-F map technology, it is able to diagnose the insulation defects at an early stage. This will help in the optimisation of the energy productivity and maintenance and increase the reliability and life cycle of the assets. With no interruption of energy required, easy to install and configure, this equipment is a one-stop solution for PD monitoring of MV assets, viz. MV cables, motors, MV switchgears, RMU, etc.

The main advantage is the automatic alarm which is based on the trend of the PD phenomena. This equipment uses the T-F map technology for the separation of different discharges and noise, thereby preventing any false alarm pertaining to high magnitude of noise or realising PD as noise. In addition to this, it is very easy to install this equipment with HFCT and TEV (transient earth voltage) sensors, having automatic configuration based on HMI web-browser application and hence no specific expertise is required for its commissioning.

This equipment comes with a complete in-built software and data storage which is required for analysis and hence only a laptop with a web-browser is required for the monitoring. The installation can be done through special magnet fixing system or DIN-rail adapters and multiple units can be connected (daisy-chain or individual) to laptop/SCADA.

With a sampling speed of 125 MS/s and resolution of 12 bits, this single-channel equipment acquires data for analysis after a fixed time-interval (which can be changed via web application), having automatic full-scale and amplitude-trigger adjustment based on the magnitude and the repetition-rate of PD pulses. After the acquisition, a dedicated algorithm automatically separates different clusters in the T-F map and sends an alarm to the collector (to SCADA through dry contacts) in case of any deviation by doingtrend-based analysis.

Another unique property is that this equipment is focused in monitoring only the persistent phenomenain subsequent acquisitions and therefore it is not interested in monitoring intermittent phenomena.

In this era of condition-based monitoring (CBM), this lightest equipment developed by ALTANOVA GROUP (ISA and TECHIMP) will be a boon for utilities for PD monitoring of MV assets in order to achieve a reliable, efficient and economical solution and hence advance their growth and development.

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