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Portex: Professionals in the field of Over Temperature & Over Current Controls

For the past 35 years, Portex has specialised in the field of bimetal thermostats and snap disc thermal overload protectors and circuit breakers. It is one of the leading manufacturers of bimetal thermostats, snap disc thermal cut-outs and overload protectors in India.

Product range
• Thermostats
Available preset for any trip temperature between 60o c + 5o c to 160o c + 5o c specified by customer. Trip temperature not adjustable.

• Circuit breakers
Available current rating from 1A to 25A in increments of 0.5 A

• Auto reset circuit breakers
Available for current ranges from 1A to 6A

Quality assurance
With over 35 years of experience in the field of manufacturing thermal controls, Portex has gained numerous satisfied customers across the industries. Continuous product upgrading is achieved by strenuous and sustained R&D and many patents.

All materials used by Portex are of the highest grade. Before assembly all components are ultrasonically cleaned and inspected under microscope. Assemblies are spot welded with precision synchronous Spot Welders. All Spot Welders are superior quality Miyachi Spot Welders from Japan. There is no soldering at all. Stringent tests are carried out on all of the pieces at several stages of manufacturing. The products are superior in all respects to imported cut-outs as 100 per cent inspection and testing is carried out in the entire process of production. Finally testing of trip temperature is done twice on all of the cut-outs before dispatches.

Portex Technologies

Lochan Mohan, Chief Technical Officer
Plot No – 217A , Phase-2, Industrial Area Panchkula, Haryana-134113
Mobile: +91 98159-42087,94160-60008, 9216799106
Tele: +91-172-2594348, 2591348
E-mail: info@portexindia.com
Web: www.portexindia.com

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