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Power Clamp Meter from Rishabh Instruments

With the world transforming from breakdown maintenance to predictive maintenance the right tool can make the difference between quick solution or awkward frustration. Rishabh Instruments with its cutting edge products has addressed this space for years. Rishabh has launched its new Power Clamp meter which is not just another power meter it is an irreplaceable product combining functions of a clamp meter, power quality meter and millimetre which makes it an ideal tool in high current and power quality maintenance applications.

Rishabh Power clamp meter is the most feature packed clamp meter in the industry with following highlights:

  • Inrush/ peak value measurement
  • Inbuilt three-phase power measurement
  • Energy measurement
  • Active, reactive and apparent power
  • Horse power measurement
  • Upto 49th harmonics
  • Phase angle
  • THD
  • Power factor
  • Crest factor
  • Ripple content in DC
  • Non contact voltage detection
  • AC/DC voltage upto 1,000 V
  • AC/DC current upto 1,000 A.

Harmonic distortion is one of many predictive maintenance applications of power quality. Harmonic distortion is a normal consequence of a power system supplying electronic loads such as computers, variable frequency drives, electronic lighting ballasts, and control systems. Using a power clamp meter can help you pinpoint issues in your system thus help you avoiding huge breakdown costs.

In-rush current, or the amount of current drawn by a motor during startup, is another feature incorporated in some clamp meters. This data can be interpreted to determine the condition and loading of an individual motor.

While working on conveyor motors, HVAC motors, or air compressors, this is the specialised clamp meter that one needs to accurately measure motor inrush current. Thus making Rish Clamp Power Clamp meter the perfect tool for motor maintenance.

Rishabh Power clamp meter can be used to make sure all three phases on feeders are pulling identical current in a convenient manner. Its inbuilt 3-phase power measurement feature enables easy measurements in symmetric as well as asymmetric networks without any manual calculation like other clamp meters.

With such unique features for the user this new power clamp meter is making waves in the power quality measurement arena.

For more details, visit www.rishabh.co.in

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