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Powerinst offers premium quality solenoid coil assembly

A solenoid is a device designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy in terms of linear motion could be either push or pull type. A magnetic field is generated within the plunger often made of material Iron by passing electrical current through the coil, which makes plunger electromagnet. The advantage of electromagnets over permanent magnets is that they can be switched off and on by stopping current flow. The frame or shell surrounds the coil, providing a flux path. This results in to plunger movement towards fix core. The plunger as per application is connected to the device. The voltage range varies from 3 VDC to 250 VDC with 5 per cent to 100 per cent duty cycle. Power rating range is 6 watt to 600 watt. The force generated by the solenoid is directly proportional to the ampere turns. Force = Q x V x (B x N x I), where Q is the charge of the passing point charge; V is the velocity of the point charge; the B is 4p × 10–7; N is the number of turns in the solenoid coil; and I is the current running through the solenoid.

With its immense expertise, Nashik based Powerinst Electromagnets Pvt Ltd has been able to offer a premium quality range of solenoid coil or assemblies. These are manufactured using finest quality raw materials, which ensure its rugged construction, durability and longer functional life. these devices are available in various technical specifications, dimensions and range. Powerinst offers a wide range of AC/DC solenoid assembly used in switchgear, RMU, Capacitor switch devices, lift application, door locking and many customised applications.

Powerinst Electromagnets Pvt Ltd
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