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Powerinst offers Voltage Presence Indicating System

Voltage Presence Indicating System

VPIS or VDU (Voltage Presence Indicating System or Voltage Detecting Unit) is a device used to indicate high voltage presence in the system. The product complies with IEC 61958.

The purpose of using VPIS is for permanent monitoring of all 3-phase line voltage. Presence of voltage indicates the operator about the voltage condition of the mains circuit of the switchgear. Bright red LED or neon lamp ensures individual phase presence. This system must be capacitively connected to main circuit via primary capacitor with capacitance within the range required. The device is intended to be used for indoor application.

VPIS (Voltage Presence Indicating System) with relay is a device to indicate high voltage presence in the system along with remote contact facility. In addition to the above said application, the inbuilt relay can be used for remote indication of any of the phase present in the system. The combination of relay can be made as per customer requirement. Like, common relay for all 3-phase, individual relay for each phase, combination as per requirement with 2 relay etc. Relay operates with external supply of 24 V DC. Contact rating of 10 A AC/DC.


  • Built in test point L1, L2, L3 are to determine phase sequence.
  • E point marked is earth connecting point.
  • Relay with 2 NO/NC contact.
  • Relay contact rating 10A DC / 5 A AC
  • Terminal block for remote signal connection
  • Housing is made from high quality plastic.
  • VPIS with relay is panel mountable.
  • External power is required for relay operation.
  • No maintenance and easy installation with snap on connectors.
  • Safe voltage at test point.
  • Low operating current.

Technical information

  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Nominal voltage: 9 – 33 kV
  • Adaptive coupling element capacitance: from 6 pF – 300 pF or customised
  • Presence indication: More than 45 per cent Un min as per IEC
  • Electrical insulation level: 2,000V / 1 min
  • Mounting dimension of indicator: 93x40x40 mm
  • Operating temperature: (-) 20 C to (+) 80 C
  • Relative humidity: 95 per cent.


Ajit D. Kulkarni
Powerinst Electromagnets Pvt Ltd

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