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Schmersal keeps wind mills safe

Schmersal Group offers its customers wide range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide for the protection of human life and machines.

Schmersal as a safety solution and service partner offers well grounded products and tailor-made systems, which are imparted in the wind sector.

Some of the safety solutions from Schmersal in wind mills are:
Solenoid Interlock and Door Handle system: This restricts the entry to the nacelle/generator area during power on condition – the door remains locked until it receives an unlock signal command from the safety monitoring relay to open the door.
Safety switch with separate actuators for fixed doors: When the door is removed/opened power will be interrupted, the machine in motion is brought to halt and thus ensure safety.

Emergency stop: Emergency stop with box is used in nacelle and in control panel to shut down the system in case of an emergency.
Limit switch: To know the tilting end of individual blades as a part of pitch control, blades rotate on its axis based on wind flow to have maximum force. Schmersal Limit switch is mounted inside the blades to know end of rotation.
Safety switches: Tower lifts installed in the towers are used to move the person to the wind mill Nacelle from the ground. Limit switches are used to know the position of the lift and safety switches are also used for door closure confirmation.
Microswitch: For blade position detection at 0-degree and 90-degree.

For more details, visit www.schmersal.in

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