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Sileaf solar DC water pumps

Sileaf manufactures solar products that are designed and developed to meet global standards. One such product is Sileaf Solar DC water pump manufactured in India.

The product was designed considering the Indian environment and its huge dependency on agricultural. India still has almost 50 per cent of the population who are dependent on agriculture which in turn is dependent on the availability of water. Most of the farmers use groundwater to irrigate their fields and many require pumping systems to bring water from wells or from the water source. Hence pumping systems become integral to agricultural. But many times the fields are in remote locations which are either without power or limited power even now. This becomes a challenge to operate water pump for drinking water or irrigation applications. An AC solar water pump has limitations including low efficiency while working with solar power. Considering these issues Sileaf has developed DC water pumps of various capacities that seamlessly work on solar power.

The pump is manufactured and specially designed for the Indian environment. The company’s R&D has spent years developing it in-house. The pump has BLDC (Brushless) motor with true MPPT controller making it robust and reliable. Since it has a brushless motor it does not require any maintenance and it is capable of working even in a cloudy environment. Being DC water pump it works longer hours than AC water pump and in result delivers better throughput. The pump starts working at 7 in the morning till 6 in the evening and has 25 per cent higher output than AC pumps.

The system can be used for irrigation in the remotest of areas and also has an option of remote monitoring where customers can receive the yield information that is water discharge per day on their personal mobile. All of its pump models are Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) certified. Its applications other than irrigation also include water well for livestock, drinking water systems for remote villages, pumping systems for leisure activities and drinking water in remote hotels and restaurants and housing societies.

For more details, visit www.RelyOnSolar.com

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