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Solar: How the right choice goes a long way

Go solar, save money. With the sudden and meteoric boom that the solar industry has received, we hear such phrases on a daily basis. Indeed there has been a significant increase in the number of people opting to generate electricity by means of rooftop solar PV energy generation systems (SPGS). This ‘green’ approach, when combined with the fact that the life of these systems ranges from 25-30 years, provides a very lucrative opportunity. The benefit is applicable to every single organisation, be it schools, hospitals, hotels, small scale to extremely large scale industries or even the very houses that we live in, as we all pay a substantial amount to consume electricity. Simply said, despite their initial cost of investment, they save you a whole lot of money.

So, how can we successfully navigate the market and get the maximum benefit? Let’s understand the do’s and don’ts of this choice in the best way possible, with a real life example.

Sudhir Seth entered the field of self sufficiency in terms of electricity generation. Installed, by Go Solar Solutions, at his industry in Turbhe M.I.D.C (near Mumbai) is a 15.7 kW SPGS. This specific system produces 2,000 units per month, which results into a direct saving of more than Rs 30,000/- on Seth’s monthly electricity bill. That is over Rs 3,50,000 saved every year!

Can this kind of a return be expected from every solar installation? If not, how did he achieve such high savings? The answer to these questions will provide a strong insight if one decides to opt for solar.
Seth’s installation consists of 50 Canadian Solar panels of 315 Wp. These panels have an efficiency of 16.75 per cent and provide optimal generation even in partially cloudy conditions. The inverter used is a 15 kWp solar inverter from Delta Electronics having efficiency of upto 99 per cent. The installation includes distribution boxes on both AC and DC sides which consists of fuses and switchgears necessary for the protection of the system. How does this help? Carry on reading.

When investing in a solar PV system, cheaper does not mean that one is saving money. When deciding components one must always remember that this system is supposed to last for more than 25 years. Therefore, components of the best quality as pointed out by Go Solar Solutions may be considered. These provide constant output for a very, very long time when compared to the cheaper alternatives.

After an initial payback period of 3 years (for an aptly sized industrial installation) where all the money that have been invested is recovered, one will be making pure profit. An initial choice of buying the right products at a higher price is not only recommended but in fact, it ensures that you keep reaping the returns of your investment. Take your time and make the right decision. Doing this would make sure that your investment is safe and even persuade others to go solar.

Authored by:

Ashik Ajith, B.D.M
Go Solar Solutions

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