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Solar is the simplest form of energy resources among other power generating options. Due to its simplicity in terms of plug-and-play installation, low maintenance and short construction period compared to nuclear plant, solar has become the most attractive energy generating source for the power developers in India.

Jodhpur-based Newtronics Green Energy (NGE), has a diversified portfolio in the field of energy efficient LED lights, energy efficient BLDC “SUPERFAN” ceiling fan and specialises in solar energy products and services for EPC projects. They supply one of the best quality solar modules, solar LED street light, solar rooftop or ground mounted system for industrial, commercial and domestic use.

The term “cheap and best” exists only in advertisement. In reality, quality always has a price tag on it. The quality of modules, inverter and other equipment are definitely an issue for the Indian solar segment. It is important to ensure good performance over the 25-year project lifetime.

Newtronics believes that SolarEdge smart energy technology on-grid inverter can save lots of rupees and will bring in better ROI. SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that has changed the way power is harvested and managed in PV systems. Following are the benefits of using SolarEdge inverters in a solar energy plant:

  • Module level monitoring: We can monitor live generation of each panel installed due to which fault detection and maintenance becomes easy.
  • Module level MPPT: Maximum power is extracted from each and every panel rather than string.
  • SAFE DC and ARC protection: At the time of disconnection, the output voltage of each panel is reduced to 1V DC, which is safe.
  • 98 per cent inverter efficiency

Following are the features of SolarEdge:

  • Real-time remote monitoring at the module, string, and system levels.
  • Pinpointed and automatic alerts for immediate fault detection, accurate maintenance, and rapid response. The alerts show the specific fault location, fault description, and fault status. Energy threshold alerts can be set to detect under-performing modules.
  • The time-of-use feature allows system owners to define peak and off-peak rates in order to track expected PV revenue. This may be used as an indication of the systems ROI.
  • Unavoidable in commercial installations, module-level mismatch occurs when modules in a string have different maximum power points (MPPs). Arising from a variety of sources, the mismatch decreases the energy yield of the entire string. The SolarEdge DC optimised inverter solution mitigates power losses caused by module mismatch for maximum power generation from each module. With SolarEdge, strong modules are not affected by the weaker ones.
  • Many new generation inverters now support higher input voltages in order to increase string length and reduce (BoS) Balance of System, although the longer strings can reduce the amount of cables, total number of strings and also BoS costs.

As part of PV asset management planning, it is important to account for future costs that can impact the return on investment of a PV system. The SolarEdge DC optimised inverter solution effectively minimises these potential costs.

Authored article by:
Jeetendra Saraf,
Newtronics Green Energy, Jodhpur

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