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Supreme ERS structures brings ultimate flexibility in T&D landscape

Supreme did an installation/erection of 3 nos. Emergency Restoration System (ERS) Towers to bypass an existing 132kV S/C line at Vaishali, Ghaziabad.

In Ghaziabad, an existing 132kV single circuit transmission line (Vaishali to Sahibabad, triangular configuration, ACSR Panther) that was scheduled for an up-gradation with multi-circuit TL using ACCC conductor. In the whole stretch, a line length of 1800 circuit metres, which passes through a residential and heavily crowded commercial area in sector 2 of Vaishali, was at standstill and lying abandoned after completion of foundation works since January 2017 and awaited for a shutdown for a minimum of 10 days, for completion of installation/erection of 2 nos. Multi-circuit towers and stringing to follow.

Survey and operation
Supreme conducted a two stage survey (initial and detailed) before and after the contract was awarded. The technical team analysed to install 3 ERS, of 30 metre height in view of the multi-storeyed mansions and residential apartments. The bypass arrangement line was installed on 3 ERS Towers with vertical configuration, ACSR Panther, E/w (7/3.15 GI Shield Wire) and associated accessories. The operational works were completed within three and a half hours without using any heavy earth movers, followed by stringing which required a shutdown of distribution lines 33/11kv passing by for a period of two and a half hours. After the installation was complete there was a severe hailstorm but the tower withstood the same without any damage to it. The bypass line is in charged state since then serving utility customers who didn’t have to undergo suspension of service.

Supremes work execution
This new experiment will play significant role in promotion of line up rating by re-conductoring of old lines without necessitating the need for new ROW. Supreme is extremely grateful to Rajeev Singh, Executive Engineer (Electrical) of Ghaziabad Development Authority for his initiatives in the project which helped Supreme to set a landmark in India’s transmission and distribution landscape. It is worthwhile to mention in this connection that before executing this contract, Supreme made two live demos with installation of 45 metre ERS at their factory in presence of experts from different utilities and EPC contractors. Different suggestions received from the experts during live demo are incorporated in the final product. Supreme is extremely thankful for the valuable suggestions and presence of those experts. Now, Supreme is ready to provide the services required for erection of ERS Tower on rental and service basis, as it has a dedicated team to execute the work.

Supreme ERS structures
ERS structures are designed to rapidly bypass permanent transmission towers at any voltage in any terrain. Supreme ERS can be erected in hours and are suitable for hand installation method. Supreme ERS structures are completely modular and reusable. It does not require any special foundation and also suitable for any soil, and capable for use at any voltage. Supreme ERS structures provide the ultimate in flexibility.

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