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Thermal inspection for a breakdown-free electrical working

An unexpected failure inside an electrical panel can create a serious and costly problem for the utility. When connections or components overheat, the risk production loss due to unplanned downtime and the possibility of fire loss from an electrical short circuit or burning cable. One can’t always anticipate when a failure may occur because problems aren’t always visible with the naked eye.

A solution
Adding thermal inspection to routine panel checks is beneficial to gain key information that your eyes alone cannot detect. A thermal camera can help pinpoint any stressed elements of an electrical installation before a breakdown occurs. This gives the opportunity to solve electrical issues as part of planned maintenance before it becomes a more serious and costly problem. A high-performance thermal camera, such as the FLIR T540 with a 24° lens, can give you accurate temperature readings at a safe distance from an electrical panel.

FLIR also has a selection of digital multimeters and clamp meters, such as the CM46, which is designed to make it easier to take measurements inside electrical panels. In the case of high voltage cabinets or inaccessible components, FLIR offers IR windows that conveniently mount onto the front panel so you can inspect without any disassembly.

The results
Through regular thermal inspections, one can quickly detect and locate temperature-related problems, including loose connections, bad contact, fuse issues, unbalanced loads, and stressed earth-leakage. Organise planned repairs and preventive maintenance to reduce the risk of electrical fires, unexpected breakdowns, and unplanned outages.

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