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Toshniwal’s WEKA visual level indicators: Energy free and automatic instrument

Visual level indicators combine up to three functions in one instrument, level indicator, level switch, and level transmitter. The display that can be read even over large distances, works without energy and automatically as a result of the physical law of liquids in communicating vessels. The WEKA visual level indicators are characterized by their compact design and the wide range of applications.

Wide application range
Operating pressures can range from a vacuum up to 500 bar as well as calculation pressures for the float standpipe up to the nominal pressure PN 630. Liquid densities > 0.27 g/cm3 as well as a temperature range from 77 K to 673 K (-196 °C to 400 °C) allow use in applications for cryogenic liquid gases as well as in water hydraulics and steam boilers. Hermetically sealed floats for condensing media are available up to a maximum operating pressure of 320 bar.

They provide high flexibility through choice of suitable materials:
• Standard materials: 316/316L 1.4435/1.4404, group A4 stainless austenitic steel
• Other possible stainless austenitic steels: 304/304L 1.4301/1.4306, 1.4571, 321, 1.4541

Energy-free and automatic operation
The WEKA visual level indicator is ideal for the commissioning of systems. The display works without energy and automatically as a result of the physical law of liquids in communicating vessels. Independent of a controller and thus, also independent in the event of a power supply failure, visual level indication on site is ensured.

Excellent readability
The wide, red and silver-colored flag indicator system is easily and clearly readable, even from over large distances. The fully transparent flag indicator system made of polycarbonate (PC) also ensures readability from the side. The liquids, which are not always unproblematic and sometimes also hazardous, are safely enclosed in the dense and pressure-tight float standpipe and separated from the indicator.

Level measurement
As described, WEKA visual level indicators offer the ideal solution for almost all operating conditions. For most applications, you will find a suitable device from their standard program. Again and again, however, customised solutions are also required for special operating conditions. Many designs can, for example, also be used in hazardous areas according to ATEX or IECEx. (ATEX is a widely used synonym for the ATEX guidelines of the European Union.) The designation ATEX is derived from the French abbreviation for atmosphere explosible. The instruments can, thus, also be used in potentially explosive atmosphere.

The WEKA visual level indicators find themselves practically usable in the following:
• Explosion-proof plants
• Mechanical and plant engineering
• Water management
• Chemical and other process industries
• Shipbuilding
• Thermal power plants
• Hydraulic systems
• Railways
• Vehicular applications
• Petrochemical industries
• Refrigeration systems.


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