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Venture Lighting’s lamps for special applications

Venture Lighting offers lamps for special applications. Major portion of lamps used in the world are used for general lighting. It is not widely known that lamps are used for applications other than improving visibility.

For example, vertical farming requires artificial lights to compensate for lack of sun light. There are several indoor farms all over the world, including India, that have adapted aquaponics / aeroponic techniques, and use artificial lighting to achieve required yield. Venture offers lamps with specific emission spectra suitable for leafing / flowering. Venture’s fullnova is full spectrum lamp simulating sunlight and is suitable for entire growth cycle.

Ventures medium pressure UV lamps are used in diverse applications line water treatment, photochemistry, decomposition of pollutants, disinfection, drying and curing of UV sensitive inks and coatings and printing. Venture offers mercury and doped medium pressure lamps with radiation peaks at 365nm, 380nm and 420nm.

Venture fish lamps are used by deep water fishing boats to attract fish and increase yield. Lamps with different color characteristics and power ratings allow building custom solutions matched to boat.

Venture metal halide discharge tube manufacturing facility is one of its kind in the country. With integrated development and manufacturing processes, Venture is able to develop solutions tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

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