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Toshniwal represent Bopp & Reuther (Germany) Oval Wheel Flow Meters are unrivalled for accuracy and reliability. These oval wheel meters have been in production for over 30 years in India and have established themselves as market leaders in this field. The in-house manufacturing and flow testing facilities are also unrivalled upto Oap 4000 – 20,000 LPM.

The range starts from the Bopp & Reuther Microflow Meters 0.005 litre/minute. These very competitively priced meters with their large variety of material combinations ranging from engineering plastics to stainless steel are ideal for OEM applications which include automotive fuel consumption applications to aggressive chemical additive systems.

The competitively priced range of the larger OV series Flow transmitters range of Toshniwal meters with 25-100mm Bore covering the flow range from 5.5-1350 LPM are extensively used for the accurate metering of kerosene, gas oil and the high viscosity fuel oils. Optional integral self contained battery readouts (ATEX approved) can be fitted with facilities for analogue and pulse outputs. Once again the extensive range of different body/wheel materials allows these meters to meet almost all commercial metering applications. These meters are also fitted to a large number of ships as the larger meters can meet their requirement also.

The range is further extended by the very large PD meters for terminal loading applications. Toshniwal have the in-house facilities for service and traceable calibration to meet specific requirements.

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