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Yet another feather in Sova Solar’s cap

Achieving yet another milestone in its on-going expansion drive, Sova Solar Ltd – one of the major players in the field of renewable energy, has successfully executed a challenging solar power project of Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd, Kolkata.

It was Sova’s second project in GRSE, Kolkata. The first project was for 200 KWp solar photovoltaic module installation and commissioning. Sova got that order by submitting tenders. It was a huge success. That’s why GRSE entrusted Sova and renewed the same project with them without any tender this time.
Succeeded against all odds

This project started on 4th of January this year. It was not easy to execute the project there. The place where the modules were installed was 100 feet higher above the ground. No lift was used during the project to move the modules and materials from the land to the installation site. It took some time to move the materials but they overcame that problem.

In addition, there were several other problems. The prime of all was the earthing cable protection problem because the walls from where the technicians were taking the cables were made of Iron. They could get hurt while doing that. As it was a defence land and high security area, the technicians and engineers were not allowed to carry their mobile phones there. This resulted in communication problem. Further, the technicians could not work longer as it was winter.

However, despite having so many challenges, it took only 11 technicians and their 28 days of hard work to finish the project on 31st of January.

For more details on Sova Solar, visit www.sovasolar.com

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