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Clariant Power enhances RE plant efficiency with active, passive and hybrid solutions

November 1, 2023 7:45 pm

Clariant Power enhances RE plant efficiency with active, passive and hybrid solutions

The company has installed auto-switched capacitors, shunt reactor banks and LV STATCOMS at many RE plants to support grid voltage.

What measures are in place to ensure the stability and reliability of power supply, especially in regions with frequent blackouts or voltage fluctuations?

Frequent blackouts and voltage fluctuations are being increasingly seen in remote areas where the penetration of renewable energy sources is large. Voltage issues are caused by inadequate reactive power support. In the past many years, renewable energy sources have been added to the grid without equivalent addition of reactive power installations. This has created a shortfall of reactive power support in the grid. Reactive power support today for RE sources is available in Auto Switched Capacitor and Shunt Reactor banks. This works well under steady-state conditions. CEA has mandated the use of STATCOM for dynamic compensation. However, it will take time before we see some working STATCOM installations in the country. STATCOM is expected to help maintain grid voltage during fault conditions. However, this alone may not be sufficient and additional measures like Synchronous Condensers and battery-backed Grid Inverters need to be inducted in proportion with increasing RE penetrations.

How is your company contributing to the modernisation and development of the power grid infrastructure in India?

Clariant is in reactive power and power quality solutions with a complete range of active, passive and hybrid solutions. We have installed auto-switched capacitors and shunt reactor banks at many RE plants to provide grid voltage support. We have also provided hybrid reactive power solutions at some RE plants involving auto-switched shunt reactor banks and LV STATCOM. Currently, we are also providing 33 KV STATCOM solutions for RE plants and industrial applications. Increasing penetration of RE sources in the grid poses a challenge for higher-order harmonics, which need to be brought down to comply with IEEE519 norms as per CEA guidelines. We have both passive and active solutions to mitigate these harmonics.


33KV, 27 MVAR Automatic Switched Capacitor Banks for 100 MW Solar Power Plant

What innovative technologies or practices is your company adopting to increase the efficiency of power generation?

Innovative solutions from Clariant include C Type passive filters for higher-order harmonics introduced by RE plants. We also provide active harmonic mitigation solutions directly at 33KV and through specially designed transformers on the LV side. Clariant has been integrating its reactive power solutions for automation digitally with power plant controllers and SCADA systems without using any analogue signals and inputs.

How is your company adapting to and navigating the evolving energy policies and regulations in India?

Clariant is actively involved with activities of IEEMA, BIS, IEC, various Utility Companies and Regulatory Commissions and provides inputs for evolving energy policies and regulations. Clariant is working in overseas markets and uses its experience of overseas policies and regulations to influence the regulations and policies in India.

SpokespersonBaldev Raj Narang, CEO – Clariant Power System.

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