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Fuji Electric India poised for growth amidst demand revival

January 30, 2024 2:16 pm

Fuji Electric India poised for growth amidst demand revival

The company has launched a central solar inverter PV 1500 SERIES, designed for large-scale solar plants, available from 1042 kVA up to 4167 kVA for 1500 V (DC) projects.

Fuji Electric India, energised by recent investments in the power sector, anticipates significant benefits from the demand revival. The company, committed to sustainable energy solutions, highlights innovations and contributions to the solar industry in India. Karthik shares his views in talks with EPR Magazine.

How is your company going to benefit from the recent huge investment influx in the power sector?

Fuji Electric India is energised by the developments. The power sector is seeing a massive demand revival and it is expected to rise further. This is good news for us. The series of reforms in the last seven years is bearing fruit and the demand revival will surely benefit the industry in totality.

How does your company engage in government initiatives like Solar Parks and benefit from subsidies, and tax incentives?

As of now, we are not participating in government initiatives, but we are in our own way contributing to the ambitious targets set by the government.  In the future, we look forward to playing an active part in the government initiatives.

Escalating demand for renewable energy, environmental concerns and supportive government incentives, subsidies and policies are driving the solar market. Lucrative avenues are opening up and we are game for it. Continuous research and technological advancements are happening all the while which is contributing to increased efficiency and reduced costs in solar systems, driving the demand further. 

FEI is focussed on innovations as much in solar as in electric and thermal energy technology. Our products will continue making a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the energy sector.

Which innovative technologies are being adopted in your products and what challenges lie ahead relating to changing trends?  


At Fuji Electric India, the technology transfer happens from Japan. Fuji Electric India, through its innovative and cutting-edge energy solutions, is winning customers all over.  We have a process in place to address concerns and challenges.

Market information gathered by our marketing intelligence specialists is shared with our R&D centres. Our R&D specialists come out with path-breaking innovations.  At FEI, innovation is an everyday thing. Experts from Japan are stationed in India for joint product development and to train Indian engineers.

What are FEI’s offerings for the solar sector?

Fuji Electric India made a grand entry into the solar power industry last year by unveiling the central solar inverter PV 1500 series at the Renewable Energy India Expo held in Greater Noida.

As of now, we are focussed on developing a high-efficiency Power Conditioning System for the solar sector in India. We have a strong commitment to provide renewable energy solutions and that drives us to bring out innovative products for the solar industry. Our solutions will boost the performance and dependability of the solar power generation equipment. Our solar panel diagnostic services are being widely appreciated by all.

What are the new developments from Fuji Electric on solar inverter, energy storage and PCS?

In October 2023, we launched the central solar inverter PV 1500 SERIES.  Designed for large-scale solar plants, the inverter is available from 1042 kVA up to 4167 kVA for 1500 V (DC) projects. It features advanced hybrid cooling for heat management, three-level IGBTs to reduce cosmic ray failures (<1/1,000), and a modular design for higher reliability. With remote solar panel monitoring and diagnostic service, the inverter improves productivity and reduces downtime. There are a whole lot of other solar products lined up and will be announced shortly.

Spokesperson : Karthik B – VP, Automation Division- Fuji Electric India

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