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Indian industry to emerge as a global partner for energy requirements

November 17, 2022 5:24 pm

Indian industry to emerge as a global partner for energy requirements

As per industry experts, the coming decade in India will witness a dramatic shift in the country being an energy-dependent or importer of energy. The recently appointed Rohit Pathak, President, of the Indian Electrical & Electronic Manufacturer’s Association (IEEMA) shares his plan for the association and industry to continue to drive the transformation and make the industry move towards these new opportunities.
How do you see the evolving landscape of the power and electrical sector?
For India, there are two big shifts. Firstly, we will 8x growth in our per capita electricity consumption will be a big thing, and we will get closer to the world average as lifestyles improve and the electrical connectivity in the country improves. We move more towards electricity as a primary source of energy. The second significant shift for us is India has always been an energy-dependent or importer of energy. This decade offers us an opportunity to become a net exporter or at least self-sufficient in electrons through a mix of renewables, hybrid systems, pumped hydro, nuclear and green hydrogen, which gives us a fantastic opportunity. The third element for us is that world geopolitics is going through a significant change. The Indian industry is probably likely to emerge as the best partner globally for people solving energy requirements. And I think it is an ample opportunity for most of our members and players in the industry.
What efforts can we expect from you at IEEMA this year?
We have had active leaders working to drive change at IEEMA over the last several years. I expect all of us to continue to drive the transformation on how we make the industry move towards these new opportunities and create growth for our members and how we work closely with the government to develop and shape the future of the country on energy and the city. The last aspect we are looking at is how we bring in more and more people, start-ups and educational institutes who can partner with our members and us in creating this future that we wish to move forward.


Tell us about your new responsibilities at IEEMA.
It’s an honour to be the president of IEEMA. It’s a big responsibility our members have put on me, and I thank them for that trust. And I’ll do my best to work with them to help the industry grow.
What strategies do you have in mind for Elecrama 2023?
I think Elecrama this year is one year delayed. We usually have it every two years. Last year because of COVID, we couldn’t do so we moved it to 2023. Like every year, it will also be the biggest show globally for electrical and electronic manufacturing. This year it will be, in my sense, a vast event. The response we have bought both from Indian members and global is fantastic. We have already entirely sold out. There’s very active international interest. And many countries want to be partners, and huge companies want to partner with us. So I think it’s going to be a big, big show look forward to all of you driving there in full numbers to experience it. I mentioned a few innovations that are going to happen electromagnetic and USB. This time, the focus for us will be on the new energies. The theme is very consistent. The energy landscape is changing. A lot of innovation is happening, and a lot of it will occur from India, and we expect you know this to be showcased at electron.

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