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KEC’s innovation of flame retardant cables are fire resistant

November 17, 2022 5:02 pm

KEC’s innovation of  flame retardant cables  are fire resistant

In an exclusive interview, KEC highlights critical features of their latest innovation, energy-efficient and eco-friendly cables.
What is the market demand for environmentally friendly/sustainable wires and cables?
Demand for environmentally friendly/sustainable wires and cables is expected to grow significantly in India and the overseas market in the next few years. Environmentally friendly cables, also known as eco-cables, are designed to have minimal or no harmful environmental impact. These ecologically friendly electrical wires are manufactured with eco-friendly materials and have a low environmental impact. The growth in demand for heat-resistant and chemical-resistant cables is giving way to adoption of eco-cables. Additionally, the rising demand for recyclability and the need to reduce harmful environmental effects are expected to increase the demand for eco-friendly cables further.
KEC’s innovation
The government intends to support green initiatives. What are your thoughts on this?
How is KEC fulfilling its needs?
As KEC, we are committed to efficiently consuming natural resources to be able to preserve them for future generations. Operations at our manufacturing plants and project sites have implications for natural capital. Thus we try to minimise and mitigate this impact by optimally utilising natural resources in our operations. Moreover, the businesses we nurture also promote environmental sustainability and efficient usage of natural resources. In the cable business, we have adopted various initiatives towards this cause. Some of these include manufacturing energy-efficient cables to reduce transmission losses, developing innovative cable designs to minimise the usage of raw materials and reduce energy consumption; implementing underground cabling solutions to improve land utilisation and preserve endangered flora and fauna; developing eco-friendly hybrid drums for cables with steel and HDPE sheets to reduce steel consumption and eliminate wood usage; and developing eco-friendly compounds for cables to achieve a
higher degree of recyclability.


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