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MYSUN launches advanced Rooftop Solar Calculator

MYSUN has announced the launch of an advanced version of the tool is known as the ‘MYSUN advanced rooftop solar calculator, the solar system sizing and savings calculator allows users to estimate an accurate solar system size, costing estimates, financial returns, impact of subsidies and offers a simulation of different financing options tailor made for each and every individual user. The best part is that running the advanced calculator is just as easy as the basic calculator and requires just the three basic inputs: your location, electricity bill amount and the consumer category.

MYSUN believes that with free tools such as the MYSUN solar calculator for under construction building and MYSUN advanced rooftop solar calculator, the consumers will be able to visualise and therefore maximise their energy savings through optimum use of solar systems. This would eventually help in the adoption of solar reducing the decision making time, propelling India to reach the set target of 100 GW by 2022 faster.

Commenting on the occasion, Gagan Vermani, Founder and CEO at MYSUN, said, “When it comes to rooftop solar, consumers need not go anywhere else. Our Advanced Calculator is a one-stop tool which energy consumers from any corner of India can rely on to get their true solar potential”.

He also said, “Advanced Calculator is a result of thousands of man-hours of hard-core research, data analytics and complex algorithms, and has been entirely built in-house by our experienced engineers and designers”.

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