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Development starts with electrification

Amit L Goti, Director, Zenium Cables Limited

“The world is going through a transition where people are more concerned about the environment”

Electrification is the first step to development after road in a particular region confirms, Amit L Goti, Director, Zenium Cables Limited

Transformation in economic growth
It was long overdue for such major transformation. The government is taking many initiatives to electrify India with schemes like Saubhaghya, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY), IPDS etc. Along with these schemes, government has also introduced many solar parks taking initiative to a green future. With Make in India, industrial sector has received tremendous boost, in-turn increasing demand for electricity. Government is also focusing on smart cities, which is a major step in increasing security and safety of people. India will soon be coming up with a new nuclear power plant also.

Electrification drives India’s growth
Electricity has become the basic necessity of human being. It boosts industries and infrastructure which in turn develops new jobs and creates better living standards. Talking about different sectors affecting the growth, there cannot be a sector without electricity. Government is also majorly focusing on two most important sectors affecting overall growth that is electricity and road. Project like Bharat mala, DDUGJY, IPDS, Saubhaghya, R-PDARP etc. will definitely make a lot of difference in the coming years. Railway is also making tremendous progress. Freight corridor will help to boost the railway sector.

DDUJGY and Saubhaghya
In last 2 years DDUJGY and Saubhaghya has breathe new life into this sector by providing electricity to many villages and electrifying more than two crore homes. And also constructing many substations and also increasing generation capacity. Aerial bunched cables have got a tremendous boost in these schemes. All major overhead wires are replaced with aerial bunched cables. Hundreds of kilometres of cable in used in each state including HT & LT. Aerial bunched cables were known to be so successful earlier, but recently there are not enough manufacturers to fulfil the needs of the schemes. It has definitely been a game changer for us.

With the advancement of technology in telecom sector and also with the shift of fossil fuel powered vehicles to electric powered vehicles, the challenges are huge. But the wire and cables sector is divided into organised and unorganised players. I would suggest the government and customers to award orders to Q1 rather than L1 suppliers. The presence of unorganised players in large numbers affect the entire industry to function with the ease. Unhealthy competition takes place which do let the industry to learn and advance in terms of technology and quality.

Quality demand of the industry
Quality is such a thing which is never be undermined. But unfortunately our sector has not seen any significant change in technology in manufacturing process and online testing equipment. I believe that more than technology it is the people that are involved in the process that can maintain the quality. That is why, we continually train our employees with different procedures and methods by which they can increase productivity keeping quality.

Future plans
The world is going through a transition where people are more concerned about the environment. They are even ready to pay more for organic foods and also go an extra mile walking or taking a public transport rather than taking their own vehicle. So seeing this we should invest more in R&D to increase our focus on renewables. Also the government as announced many solar parks to boost solar power. Soon thermal power plants will be reducing their generation and relying on renewables.

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