New generation grounding systems to drive the earthing demand

Explaining the significance of quality installation for earthing and lightening protection, leading solution providers highlight the changes being witnesses with technological upgradation for safe earthing. Earthing/ lightning protection solutions are…

Earthing and its types

What is earthing? As per IEEE 80-2000, the process of transferring the immediate discharge of electrical energy (fault current) directly to the earth with the help of the low resistance…

Providing certified, cost-compliant earthing solutions remains to be a concern

Kanderp Khandwala, Co-Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Axis Electrical Components India Pvt. Ltd, In Ann Interview with EPR Magazine Axis offers a full range of earthing and lightning protection equipment…

Cutting-edge technologies and standards will ensure quality power supply

Deepak Londhe, Director, Powertrac Group in an interview with EPR Magazine. Your key offerings for Solar PV and Earthing Systems Powertrac is Group of Companies based at Ahmedabad (Gujarat), India…

CSR project implementation using solar energy has long-term impact

This project will create a direct impact on 1000+ Maa Badi’s stakeholders and an indirect impact on the parents of the school students as well as villagers. India is still…

Features of plate earthing diagram – explained

Electrical earthing is the phenomenon of connecting metallic parts of an electrical component to the earth.  Earthing is the connection of all the neutral points present in the supply of…

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