Honeywell’s battery energy storage to aid decarbonisation of Virgin Islands

Honeywell has announced that it will provide VIElectron, a CB Loranger Company, its first installment of battery energy storage solutions (BESS) to six solar parks strategically positioned across the US Virgin Islands.

Waaree inks pact with Israeli company 3DBattery to develop advanced energy storage solutions

Waaree Technologies has signed an MoU with 3DBattery for cutting-edge lithium-ion and sodium-ion energy storage solutions that will transform the renewable energy storage.

India delves into the energy revolution through strategic investments

The energy storage system plays a vital role in the transition to renewable energy sources as they store excess energy for release during low or no power generation periods.

Energy storage enriches grid reliability with renewable

Falling costs, government support, and diverse technologies drive global energy storage transformation, benefitting economies and the environment. Energy storage technology rapidly transforms the energy sector, driving sustainability and grid reliability.…

Energy storage technology is evolving to meet the growing energy demand

Advanced energy storage systems incorporate smart energy management solutions that optimise the use of stored energy, integrate with renewable energy sources, and reduce energy costs.

Waaree ESS exploring advanced battery storage systems 

We are transforming energy storage through innovations, sustainability, and investments. Energy storage technology is transforming with profound implications for India’s energy landscape. Advanced battery systems and innovative approaches are addressing…

Battery energy storage systems to solve intermittency

This system installation on a big scale is one of the most likely approaches to integrating large-scale RE into the national grid successfully. In the ever-evolving landscape of global energy…

Servotech power systems files patents for energy management technologies

The company has filed two patents for innovative energy management technologies to facilitate grid service optimisation through a battery energy storage system. Servotech Power Systems, a leading manufacturer of EV…

Our Energy storage systems framework to boost the sector

The ambitious renewable energy goals necessitate a robust energy storage infrastructure, driving policy reforms and incentives. India’s power generation planning studies estimate that the country will need an energy storage…

Ministry drives 50GWh ACC battery supporting PLI scheme

Leading Beneficiaries and Advanced Chemistry Cell Technology Propel India’s Electric Mobility and Self-Reliance Vision. The Ministry of Heavy Industries has awarded the construction of a 30GWh capacity to three beneficiaries:…

Su-Kam establishes new standards for green energy storage solutions

Empowering a greener tomorrow Su-Kam’s vision for clean energy transformation and environmental excellence Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, a frontrunner in the power solutions industry, has carved a remarkable path toward…

Greenko Partners with Serentica Renewables for energy storage projects in India

Under this agreement, Serentica will leverage Greenko’s exceptional storage capabilities by utilising a 1,500 MWhr capacity of storage projects in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Serentica Renewables, a prominent renewable…

India’s energy landscape is transforming with battery energy storage systems

The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) addresses the limitations of renewable energy sources by providing a continuous power supply that caters to peak-time power demand and power supply around the…

Innovations in Energy storage will encourage RE penetration

Regarding the increasing renewable energy penetration, Rajib Chattopadhyay emphasises the need to focus on developing energy storage systems to match the required quality in power distribution. ERDA operates in three…

Battery storage will be more affordable by 2030

We are doing a lot of research on grid integration, the role of new technologies, battery storage, green hydrogen CCUS and other technologies that are the future of electricity markets.…

Solar energy storage systems are vital in enhancing grid stability

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) will be the next major technology in the power sector over the coming decade. The latest standalone ESS tenders from  Solar Energy  corporation of India and…

Connection technology for energy storage by phoenix

Electrical energy storage devices are essential for sector coupling implementation. Rely on Phoenix Contact’s innovative connection technology for your energy storage solution. Electrical energy storage devices are essential for sector…

Grid-scale energy storage system bids in India are evolving

Tenders for energy storage systems are likely to include innovative business models like energy trading, emphasise alternative technologies, and mandate the use of locally produced batteries. Energy Storage Systems (ESS)…

Connected Energy secures £15 million investment 

Investment will enable Connected Energy to scale up its technology and operations for growing energy storage market international. A further highly successful round of investment for Connected Energy has secured…

India’s first privately owned energy storage system by Danfoss

The new grid scale battery-based Energy Storage System uses Danfoss sustainable drive technology for achieving higher energy efficiency.   Danfoss India recently inaugurated the country’s first privately owned and operated grid-scale…

Mass Production of Li-ion Battery Packs and Modules by Nexcharge

Nexcharge has invested more than ₹ 250 Crore in this state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Prantij, Gujarat. Nexcharge, an exclusive joint venture between Exide Industries Limited (Exide) and Leclanché SA, announced…

NTPC partners with Energy Vault for energy storage technology

The collaboration will formalise in  long-term strategic partnership for deployment of Energy Vault’s EVx™, gravity-based energy storage technology and software solutions. NTPC Limited the largest power generating utility in India,…

SECI issues tender upto1000MW Battery Storage Systems

The buying entities will be offered the storage capacity to charge and discharge the same daily through RE power Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECI), a Public Sector Undertaking…

Sunpower Renewables to support energy independence

– Partners with Pragya Foundation to set up solar energy generators and storage solutions at government schools and institutions – Students at the Ghata Gaon Primary School and the Wazirabad…

Future Energy Materials

Department of Science & Technology (DST) is supporting development of indigenous technology for batteries, especially in the field of graphene-based batteries. DST has also supported a project on Graphene Protected…

Budget 2022: IESA recommend tax exemptions in energy storage sector

The general justification for tax incentives and exemptions for energy storage systems is that they will place storage on an equal footing with other energy alternatives. Tax Benefits (exemption of…

Regulatory policies will enable India to become a self-sustainable manufacturing unit  

Gaurav Chhabra, VP, Business Development (ESS), Lohum, in an interview with EPR Magazine. Trends impacting the demand for energy storage systems in India  India’s battery energy storage systems market is…

Increasing flexibility with new age storage technologies

In an interview with EPR Magazine, Prof. Siddhart Ramakanth, Assistant Professor – Centre for Energy Studies, talks about Major elements impacting the deployment of energy storage solutions, smart grids and…

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