Gautam Solar empowering energy transition with 60 MW supply for PM-KUSUM Yojana

10BB Mono PERC Solar Panels feature several distinctive attributes including larger M10 cells, which enhance power generation. Gautam Solar, a prominent player in the Indian solar manufacturing sector, has made…

Government announces solar panels star labelling programme

Star enabling will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 million tonnes per annum by 2030. The Government has come out with a Standards & Labelling Programme for solar panels. The…

Advancements in solar parks and ultra-mega solar power projects

The “Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects” has been allocated ₹ 8,100 crores for its development, as said by Raj Kumar Singh, the Union Minister for…

Innovative materials improve solar panel durability in Indian conditions

Discussing the need for solar panel cleaning, Nitin Barvaliya, General Manager at Pahal Solar, emphasises research on anti-reflective coatings, robust encapsulants, and new cell technologies for more durable, efficient, and…

Rayzon Solar is transitioning from 1.5 GW to 2.5 GW using TOPCON

Rayzon Solar has established a reputation for providing premium solar panels that go through extensive testing and produce solar panels with great efficiency and longevity. They have received positive comments and support…

Indian GIGA factory Rayzon Solar manufactures and produce solar panels in the USA

Rayzon Solar is a company that was founded in 2017 by Chirag Nakrani and Hardik Kothiya. Originally, the company had a team of only 5 people and focused on manufacturing…

Gautam Solar boosts India’s green vision

Solar panel manufacturer  has provided 70Gautam Solar MW of highly efficient solar panels for government projects in North India as part of its efforts to transform the nation’s energy landscape. During…

Innovating indigenous efficient solar panels with G-2X Mono crystalline series

One of the country’s leading players in the solar energy domain, Gautam Solar, has launched the unique and transforming G-2X Mono crystalline series of solar panels  up to a 595-watt…

Arctech launch its Prime Solar Trackers factory in India

This is the first factory dedicated to the solar tracker in Gujarat India, the advanced technology of Arctech’s solar tracking solutions. Arctech,  the world’s leading tracking, racking, and BIPV solutions…

Adani Solar strengthens its sustainable retail footprints in Maharashtra

Adani Solar, the Adani Group’s solar manufacturing arm, will expand its retail distribution business in India’s Maharashtra state, with Roofsol Energy Pvt. Ltd. serving as the region’s official channel partner.…

Falling tariffs: A market correction phase for solar players

While promoting the solar industry, the falling tariff of solar panels is causing a grave concern among the players. Here, the industry experts discuss what and why it happened and…

Bi-facial solar panels gain momentum in India

Bharat Bhut, Director, Goldi Solar Pvt. Ltd Discussing about their experience in the REI expo 2019, Bharat Bhut, Director, Goldi Solar Pvt Ltd. in an interaction with Megha Iyer of…

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