IREDA launches portal for enhanced transparency in CSR initiatives

IREDA's new portal streamlines CSR requests, aligning with their commitment to renewable energy and sustainability.

STPI launches LEAP AHEAD initiative to boost Indian tech startups

Collaboration between STPI and TiE offers funding and mentorship for startups, fostering entrepreneurial growth.

Teledyne FLIR enhances Ex Pro-Series thermography cameras

New FLIR E5 Pro and E6 Pro join the E8 Pro, providing point-and-shoot, focus-free thermal imaging capture with FLIR ignite cloud connectivity. Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has…

Smart access with the EMKA mobile app

Agent E is one of the electronic perennial favourites in the EMKA portfolio. The new “EMKA mobile” app, transforms the mobile phone into the digital key for the sophisticated locking…

ZIEHL ABEGG India bags Emerson Awards for Innovative Products

In the 5th edition of REFCOLD India 2022, held from 08-10 Dec 2022 at Gandhinagar Gujarat, ZIEHL-ABEGG INDIA won the Emerson Award under the Category of “Innovative Products”. Product: FE3owlet Axial Fan FE3owlet…

How does a digital-platform framework help you achieve your objectives?

Industry 4.0 introduced the concept of automating industrial workflows to reduce errors, increase shop-floor safety, and increase productivity. The concept behind automating these workflows rests on developing a framework of…

ERDA aims to develop cost-effective grid-level energy storage solutions

The world is actively developing the most cost-effective grid-level energy storage solutions starting from pump storage hydel power plants, Green Hydrogen, Battery Cells, and many more, says Dr. Satish Chetwani,…

Developing an IoT-enabled service platform for EV infra

Data analytics and cutting-edge research in food technology have improved how Ecozen determine perishables’ quality and shelf life, says Vivek Pandey, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer of Ecozen. Innovations from…

Mecc Alte India aims to be the gold standard for alternators

My vision for Mecc Alte India is to be known as the country’s gold standard for alternators and as a company that provides outstanding support and application development to its…

ABB India inaugurates its first smart instrumentation factory in Bangalore

ABB Measurement & Analytics recently opened its first smart instrumentation factory in Bangalore, India, to support the region’s ambition of transforming into a global design and manufacturing hub. Aligned with…

EcoStruxure, digital twin integration for power system monitoring

Real-time operator training and predictive simulation help reduce the risk for operators and facility managers Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and…

Delta Electronics India inaugurated MV Power Quality Restorer

Delta has achieved another milestone by inaugurating its state-of-the-art technology to introduce its indigenous product, a 11kV 3 ϕ Power Quality Restorer. Delta India inaugurated the Medium Voltage Power Quality…

IntelliSmart INSTINCT 2. Disrupting smart metering, power distribution through digitalisation

Individual and team registrations saw a 38 percent uptick over last year revealing growing popularity of INSTINCT 2.0 among student community, start-ups and tech varsities IntelliSmart Infrastructure Private Limited (IntelliSmart),…

EMKA, a solution expert for your industrial requirements

EMKA is ideally placed to successfully assert itself now with local production in the Asian region and to quadruple sales in the coming years. The EMKA GROUP, are world’s market…

 (SIA) USA meets Karnataka govt to discuss growth for Semiconductors in India

After signing the (MoU) with the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), SIA takes another step towards resolving the problems related to the production of semiconductors. India Electronics and Semiconductor…

How to do power equipment inspection efficiently?

Iray’s T series handheld thermal camera can fully meet all needs of multi-scenario applications such as power transmission, substation, and distribution. With the rapid development of the power industry, the…

Evaluating the harmonics study for a solar plant 

Grid-connected PVs, coupled with nonlinear loads and bi-directional power flows, impact grid voltage levels and total harmonic distortion (THD). Renewable Energy (RE) sources differ from conventional power generation sources. Therefore,…

Platinum-based electro-catalyst low cost fuel cells

Indian Scientists have indigenously developed platinum-based electrocatalyst for use in fuel cells through an efficient procedure. This electrocatalyst showed comparable properties to the commercially available electrocatalyst and could enhance the…

Earthing unearthed for control panels

Earthing is to be performed to facilitate electromagnetic compatibility between systems and to avoid the occurrence of electrical shock to person working in the vicinity of that electrical system during…

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