Fluke aims to be No 1 in T&M

Fluke aims to be No 1 in T&M“We are continuously introducing products which offer superior customer value and faster ROI,” explains Mahendra Pratap Singh, Business Development Manager – Power Utility, FlukeFluke has been able to keep the growth momentum, despite economic slowdown. In an exclusive interview with EPR, Mahendra Pratap Singh shares how Fluke has been keeping its strong foothold in industrial domain.What are the characteristics that you believe every leader should possess?The key leadership characteristics in a true leader are clarity in vision, a robust planning skill and a sound system for execution of the plans, flexibility to adjust against industry dynamics/environment, ability to take calculated risk, hunger to be No 1 on the industry, ability to motivate employees, and invest in employees and customer-centric orientation. What has been your biggest achievement in the past 1 year? How was your company’s performance during the last year? The global economy has been passing through a difficult phase. Despite severe slowdown, fluke has been able to keep the growth momentum.What the changes have you seen in the industry during this challenging time?Last one year has been tough for Indian industries. Most of the customers have deferred their investment. A lot of projects have been stalled due to unfavourable socio-economic and political conditions. This has taken a hit on the T&M industry growth. Unfavourable exchange rate has hit the profitability of the companies. What steps did you take to tide through this?We don’t have any control over socio-economic and political conditions, but we have taken certain steps to keep the growth momentum up. Historically, Fluke has been very strong in industrial domain. We have taken vertical approach to target various customer segments like power, oil and gas, defence, education, cement etc. We are trying to expand the market for us. Apart from this, we are continuously introducing products which offer superior customer value and faster ROI. We are also investing in employees to improve techno-commercial skills for the future. What were the most important decisions you made as a leader of your organisation?Segment-specific approach in sales and marketing as well as providing the customer better service by adopting key account management approach.What would be your advice to other players for sustaining their business and making it profitable?One should have a long-term perspective of the business. Short-term goals can never lead to a sustainable growth. One needs to innovate continuously in order to be relevant T&M market by offering products and solutions which offer better customer value.What all steps can be taken to regain the industry’s momentum?The stable government with clear fiscal/monetary policies and investment-friendly industrial policies would certainly improve the industry momentum.Where do you see the industry 5 years down the line?The current economic trend would not continue very long and would certainly improve over a period of time. I am optimistic about Indian economy and industry provided that we get a stable government with clear investment-friendly policies.What is your vision for your company in future?Personally, I see Fluke as the No 1 T&M company in future, providing best quality products which not only meets but succeed customer expectation.

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