Legrand to emerge as reference point for all segments

Legrand to emerge as reference point for all segments“Thanks to our market approach of “listen, design, make and support”, we are able to cover a wide number of verticals,” explains Jean Charles Thuard, CEO, Legrand IndiaAs the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand does over half its business in the commercial and industrial sectors. In an exclusive interview with EPR, Jean Charles shares how Legrand has been creating continuous value for its customers across price points.Successful leadership characteristicAdaptability is a key characteristic of a successful and dynamic leader. People live in an ever-changing environment. Success comes with the ability to anticipate market evolutions, adapt to them and be ready for them.Biggest achievementLegrand is represented in India through different entities: Legrand India, IndoAsian and Numeric India.Thanks to its market approach of “listen, design, make and support”, Legrand is able to cover a wide number of verticals: wiring devices, switchgear, UPS, cable management, industrial applications and structured cabling system, to name a few.This has coupled with its multi-brand strategy and permits Legrand unparalleled access to practically all market segment from luxury to economic; all verticals (residential, hospitality, banking, offices and hospitality), all distribution channels (professional stockist as well as retailers), all decision makers (consultants, architects, investors, contractors and end users).Over the years, this strategy has created a high level of trust and confidence between its partners/customers. This has made the company strong enough to outperform the market even when the economy is witnessing a downturn. Legrand has sustained the trend this year as well.Slowdown effectThe recent downturn has definitely resulted in more aggression from the industry players. This aggression can be bifurcated into two categories: a) desperate attitude where market players are only looking for volume at any price and b) a more cautious approach were companies remain aggressive but without compromising on their fundamental values and their long-term strategy. Legrand has always been committed to the 2nd category.Revisiting strategyObviously, a market slowdown is never a period for one to enjoy, particularly when people have been used to a booming environment for the last 15 years.Nevertheless, it has a positive side in that it pushes people to revisit their strategy and to figure out what are the new products, the new market segments, evolutionary trends one needs to explore for emerging stronger and more efficient when the market recovers.Most important decisionOne of the most important decisions that a leader can undertake is to always listen to the customer and keep maintaining the superlative quality of the products.Following DNA of the companyPeople should never forget the DNA of their company and build on it by bringing more value to the brand. This can be executed through quality, innovation and reliability of their organisations and by bringing in more value for money to own customers at the end of the day.The futureThe market situation today is temporary and will definitely recover. The structural market evolution, which is already initiated, will become a key strategic driver in the coming years. Two major trends can evolve from that. They are:

A sophistication of the product offering with a development from products to fully integrated systems, enabling users to communicate with each other.
A geographical move with the development of Tier-3 and -4 cities and development of remote areas.
This will certainly give an advantage to a group like Legrand to be able to permanently invest resources in order to drive this technical market evolution as well as expand geographical coverage.Legrand visionLegrand’s vision is to emerge as the reference point for all the market segments in which the Legrand Group is operational in India. The company wants to do this by creating continuous value for its customers across price points.

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