Nuevosol launches new roof mounting systems

Nuevosol, a turnkey mounting solutions provider has released four new rooftop mounting systems for both flat roof mounting and inclined roof mounting. Addressing both domestic and global needs Nuevo Fix Elevated, Nuevo Klip, Neuvo Omega, Nuevo Glue are the products which were released recently in various trade shows including REI Noida, Intersolar South America and Solar Power International Chicago. Roof mounting is in high demand with push from policy makers and Nuevosol being the first to supply more than 5 MW of roof mounting systems finds established demand for its new product line. All the flat roof products provided by Nuevosol are ballast based and do not require any kind of penetration into the roof.Under flat roof mounting, flagship product Nuevo Fix has been deployed for over 3 MW. However this being a low elevation structure, elevated structures to accommodate for roofs with obstructions have been introduced. Elevated structures have to be designed for heavy wind loads and are usually anchored into the roof, however Nuevosol’s patented product is non-invasive yet elevated. This product is available in various configurations from 20 modules structures to 4 modules structures. Nuevo Fix Elevated and Nuevo Glue are the products which address these needs and are available in both Steel and Aluminium.Non invasive inclined roof mounting has been usually restricted to special roofs with klip lock or standing seam profiles. Nuevo Klip is the product which is an easy do-it-yourself kit, and a non-invasive mount on inclined roofs. However, globally so far trapezoidal roofs have not been mounted without penetrating the roofs. Speaking on the new product launches Himamsu Popuri, CEO and Managing Director of the company said, “Nuevosol thrives on Innovation and we have been developing products with features that have not been addressed so far in the industry. Currently we have around 15 products pending patenting which speaks about our R&D efforts. The demand for our products has been encouraging both in domestic as well as international markets.”

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