Reliable backup power supply to maintain operational continuity

Reliable backup power supply to maintain operational continuity
In today’s generation, almost everything runs on electricity, and it is one of the most critical components in our life. Even a small interruption in electrical power supply can cost huge when it comes to industrial operations.
Whether the loss in power is due to load-shedding or adverse climatic conditions or electric grid failures, it creates havoc on production activities thereby causes enormous financial loss. The same is applicable for almost every industry that includes medical refrigeration, wastewater treatment, sewage, data centres, telecom, transportation and health-care services. Apart from these critical operations, with a growing dependence on technology, uninterrupted power supply is always in demand for construction activities, fuelling stations, building operations, banking as well as business network. Industries where processing of critical chemical compound is involved, even an interruption in power supply for seconds will make the chemicals unusable.
To avoid such havoc and maintain the continuity in any operation and business, there is a dire need to provide backup power supply. Today, electrical generators powered by diesel engines are considered as most reliable emergency backup that provide immediate and full-strength electric power when there is a failure of the primary power supply system, minimising losses from such uncalled events.
In an aim to analyse the diesel gensets market in India and its opportunities, this time we have interacted with some industry experts and shared their insights. The experts believe, as the energy deficit within the country is on rise, the demand for diesel gensets is to grow persistently. Though the industry is not much worried about the Chinese low-cost imports, the experts have raised their concerns on the status of emission standards for diesel gensets. It is expected, as the new pollution norm comes into force, the manufacturers will put their best foot forward toward offering diesel gensets with lower emission.
Captive power generation gives assured, consistent quality power at affordable rates. Discussing the importance of CPP, Rajiv Agrawal, Secretary of the Indian Captive Power Producers Association pointed out that the government needs to rise to the occasion and support CPP. Whereas, Prof. R. K. Pandey, Senior Member of IEEE highlighted various issues related to system operation and security with captive power plants and proposes guidelines for adequate captive power planning and related issues looking into national perspectives.
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